How to sanitise your home with a steam cleaner

Give your home a hygienic deep clean from top to bottom…

21 Apr 2020

If you want to sanitise your home from top to bottom without using any harsh chemicals, a steam cleaner is what you need. It works by shooting out jets of steam so hot that 99.9% of bacteria is killed, and grime instantly vanishes. Use it like a normal mop, and it sanitises as it goes.

It’s easy to steam clean your home, but it does take a little planning. So just for you, we’ve come up with a step-by-step guide. Follow it carefully, and you’ll have a clean and hygienic living space in no time at tall...


Step 1. Break each room down into areas

Here’s a top tip to make sure you cover every inch of you room - break it down into manageable areas. Imagine it’s cut into four separate spaces (or sketch it out on a pad to help you visualise it), and concentrate on one at a time. Don’t rush things. Go slowly to make sure every inch has been given enough heat to kill any germs.

Pro tip: the tracks in sliding doors can get full of grime and dirt, so use a nozzle attachment to loosen it.


Step 2. Spend time in the kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important place in your home to keep clean and hygienic. So, once you’ve done the floor and work surfaces, give all the other areas a good steam clean. This is where the nozzle attachment on your cleaner comes in handy.

Remove metal grates from your hob, wipe away food debris with a damp sponge, then steam it clean. Now get into your dishwasher, and really concentrate on the hinges and corners.

Don’t forget you can steam clean your sink too – pay special attention to the plug hole and around the bottom of the taps.

And finally, spend some time on your chopping board and rubbish bin. Concentrate on every inch. Turn your board upside down. Empty your bin before you clean it (obvious, we know) and steam it inside and out – getting right under the lid.


Step 3. Make the bathroom shine

The jet attachment on your steamer is the perfect thing for getting into those hard-to-reach areas in your bathroom - like under the sink and behind the toilet. Steam is great for getting bathroom floors clean, and your brush attachment will give tiles or vinyl flooring a good shine.

And if your cleaner has a squeegee attachment, use it on your shower wall and glass doors.


Step 4. If you touch it, steam it

It’s now time to sanitise all those ‘high-touch’ areas in your home. So walk around every room, and steam clean every door knob, window handle and light switch you use.

Don’t just give them a quick swipe. To get rid of germs, dust mite and other viruses without using chemicals, you’ll need to steam the area for at least 3 minutes.


What to look for in a steam cleaner

We’ve got a wide range of steam cleaners to choose from, with lots of handy features and accessories. Continuous steam models give you power to keep cleaning without losing pressure. Or if you want to get up and running in seconds, look for a cleaner with a near instant heating time.

Check out our range of steam cleaners


Here's our colleague George with some more house cleaning tips...

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