How to stay healthy while gaming

Feel great and game on with our handy guide

26 Nov 2020

We all love to sit down to a gaming sesh. But just before you fire up your game, grab your controller and settle in for the win, it’s a great idea to make sure you’re looking after yourself.

And while taking care of your health is always important, the better you look after yourself when gaming, the more levelling up you’ll be able to do.

Ready? Let’s go!


1. Keep hydrated and cut the junk food

Whether you’re exploring an open world or taking on other players online, it’s easy to lose track of time when gaming. That’s why you need to stay hydrated and eat right.

Don’t drink lots of sugary drinks, or worse energy drinks/alcohol. Instead, switch to water. Plan your meals just like a normal day and take time to make and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Healthy food is the way to go – even though we totally understand the temptation to binge on takeaway and processed food. Resist!

And when you do eat, get away from your keyboard or console. If nothing else, you’ll avoid getting your gaming gear sticky!

2. Take a break

Long gaming sessions may feel fun, but they get taxing on the body. Take frequent breaks to grab a drink, cook a meal or even to stretch your legs. You’ve got a pause button. Your game will still be there when you get back!

Another great reason for screen breaks is looking after your eyes. Straining your eyes can cause headaches and nausea, so it is important to give those peepers a rest.

And don’t let gaming cut into your sleep time. Listen to your body. If you need to rest, then go to bed. Sleep will help refresh you and speed up those reaction times. Win-win!


3. Exercise as you play

You might feel like you're getting a thumb work out from bashing all those buttons but think about the rest of your body. Stretching while you game can help prevent aches and pains, especially repetitive strain injuries, which can be common if you’re repeating an activity over and over again.

Do some simple wrist, neck and back exercises while you play. Even a small amount will keep you limber and more comfortable. To keep those aches and pains at bay, take a break and go for a walk or a run to keep your mind and body healthy.

The other way to go is to switch up what play. There are plenty of titles where movement is all part of the game – whether that’s a VR game or even a title where you have to move to play – like Just Dance.

4. Get some fresh air

Ok, we don't want to sound like your parents here. But while playing open world gaming might feel like you’re getting out and about, nothing beats a bit of fresh air and sunlight. And you don’t have to venture out and face a gale. Even opening a window or getting indoor plants can help improve air quality and give you a power up.


5. Look after your posture

Everyone from gamers to office workers know what it’s like to be scrunched up over a screen, but looking after your posture is really important. Try to sit upright with a straight back and tilt your chin downwards. If you know you’ll forget to do that, get a good chair that proper lumbar support and has arms you can rest our elbows on. It’ll save you plenty of aches and pains and you’ll even get a slight core workout. Bonus level!


6. Check in with your mates

Health isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. If you’re locking yourself away to game all day, you’re missing out on important real-life interaction that we all need. Even if you can’t get out for a social meet up, give friends or family a call and have a catch up. It’ll do wonders for your mood!


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