How to stream media from your PC to your Amazon Fire TV

Play all your old favourites on your brand new screen.

14 Oct 2019

If you’re looking to turn your TV into an internet-connected media centre, Amazon’s Fire TV Box and Fire Sticks are fantastic options. But if you’re looking to stream content direct from your PC instead of from the internet, Plex is a great piece of software that makes this easy and straight forward.

Plex can help you stream nearly any content from your home PC to your Amazon Fire kit. There are two stages to go through; first you’ll need to install Plex on your PC and set it up with your media folders. Then, Plex can be installed on your Amazon Fire TV – ready to stream all your media.


Download and install Plex on your PC

Easy to set up and super versatile, Plex works with pretty much every device you can think of, which is handy. Even though this guide is for set up with your Fire TV, once it’s good to go you can just as easily use it with all your other kit too.

The first thing you'll need to do is download and install the Plex Media Server program on to your PC. Simply go to the Plex website and download the Windows software.

Once Plex is downloaded, open or run the downloaded file and it will begin the installation. Once it's done, you’re ready to launch the software.


Set up Plex and find your media folders

Now that Plex is installed, you’ll need to add your media folders so the software knows where to find all your films, TV shows and other content.

  • First, agree to the Terms of Service
  • Give your server a name and click “Next”
  • Now you can add your libraries. Choose a media type and point Plex to the correct folder on your PC. You can repeat this step for all your different media types like photos, boxsets etc.
  • If your folders are pretty big, Plex may take a little while to index and download any metadata – this could take up to ten minutes to finish.

You’re done with the PC setup side of the process, so leave your machine turned on and head over to your TV to set up the Fire TV.

As it works with just about any kit, once your server is set up you can use it to stream media to all sorts of devices around your home. What’s more, you can keep adding more media to the folders on your PC, and Plex will automatically find them.


Download the Plex app to your Amazon Fire TV

Just head to the Amazon App Store on the device you want to install Plex on, and search for the Plex app. Follow the instructions to install and when the app opens, you will be able to see the Plex server from your PC appear, as long as you’re connected to the same network.

Plex on your PC should do all the technical work – 'transcoding' your video to ensure the files play on your Fire TV, so you shouldn't have to worry about the format your media is in.

So that's about it – it’s super quick and easy to get set up and start watching from your PC to your Fire TV in no time. Happy streaming!


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