How to stream music videos to your TV

Stream music videos to your TV – and turn it into a personalised music channel that only plays the tracks you like. Here’s how…

05 May 2016

Imagine being able to tune into your own music video channel that only plays the songs you want to listen to.

With a media streaming device and services like Vevo for tvOS, Apple Music Video or YouTube Music, you can effectively create your own music video channel in your living room. 

Here are your main options for getting started…


Credit: Apple

Vevo for tvOS

In a nutshell: Get access to thousands of high-quality music videos – from R’n’B and pop, to country and rock – with the Vevo app.

Vevo for tvOS works with Apple TV. Use it to create personalised music video playlists based on your taste.

Rather than searching through lists of artists and videos to find songs you like, you tell the app the kind of music you want to listen to – and over time it responds to your taste without being prompted.

The app auto-plays the videos you like, so you don’t have to manage different playlists or skip between tracks – great for parties, or just chilling out with the right soundtrack at home. 

As well as creating your own playlist, Vevo for tvOS also makes it easier to discover new music. With it, you can:

  • Browse trending videos
  • Search through Vevo’s huge database, broken into artist and genre
  • Get a unique ‘New For You’ playlist delivered to your account every Monday
  • Add any songs you like to your ‘Favourites’ section so you can easily find them again

Price: Free

Works with: Apple TV


Apple Music Video

In a nutshell: Apple’s music streaming service gives you free reign to choose from a huge back catalogue of videos, as well as new releases and exclusive concert footage.

When it comes to what music video to watch, the choice is up to you with Apple Music.

You have several options for finding videos you like – if there’s a particular musician or band you’re interested in, you can watch on their artist’s page.

Want to discover something new? Check out the Recommended Videos section to get a selection of popular videos. Artists can also share their new videos on the Connect hub.

Or if you’re interested in watching live shows, there’s a host of concert videos and exclusive documentaries available – for example you can watch Taylor Swift’s live 1989 World Tour video right from your living room.

Save any videos to your music library to keep them in one place. You can also create your own playlists for watching later.

Price: An individual subscription plan is £9.99

Works with: Apple TV

Apple music

Credit: Apple

YouTube Music

In a nutshell: Finding the music videos you want to watch on YouTube just got easier with the launch of its dedicated music app

YouTube Music has been optimised for browsing music. Search for artists or playlists and watch videos like you would on YouTube – the difference is that you’ll only ever get music-based results.

You can also browse artist’s pages to find individual singles or whole albums. Or discover something new by listening to radio stations with a selection of videos inspired by the artist.

As well as this, there are plenty of other features that come with the app:

  • Get a daily playlist based on the tracks you regularly listen to, as well as some recommendations for new ones you may like
  • Or follow playlists based on a particular genre like RnB or indie
  • Stay in the loop with a ‘Trending’ playlist of the most popular songs on the app that day – as well as new and emerging artists that look set for success

Price: Free

Works with: Chromecast


How to get set up

Playing content from apps in full glory on your TV screen is easy with a streaming device like a Chromecast or a box like Apple TV. Which one you go for depends on the app you’re using:

  • Vevo and Apple Music: download the built-in app to your Apple TV box and connect it to your TV’s HDMI port
  • YouTube Music: download the app to your smartphone or tablet, then plug your Chromecast into the TV’s HDMI port and hit the ‘cast’ button to enjoy music videos on screen


To start streaming, find your perfect media streamer.

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