How to take your skin and hair care to the next level

Some top tips for your health and beauty routine...

05 Apr 2020

Tech helps us in all sorts of ways – keeping us entertained, helping us get stuff done around the house, even keeping us fit and healthy. But what about for our skin and haircare routine?

Most of us have seen a pretty big change to what our average day looks like. And keeping up with the things that make us feel good can really help with that uncertainty.

So here are some top tips to give your hair and skin a little TLC...

Tip 1: Keep cleansing

Less face time with others probably means a lot less make-up for those of us that would usually wear it, right? So it’s easy to think we don’t have to clean our face as often or as thoroughly.

But giving our face a good deep-clean every day is a good habit to have whether we’re slapping on the foundation or not.

Central heating or air conditioning indoors can be very drying. We naturally produce oil and dead skin, but that drying process can ramp that up a notch. What does that mean? Clogged pores and flaky skin which cause break outs. Not so nice.

What to do? Using a facial cleaning brush like the Forea Luna Mini 2 really clears out those pores and leaves your face feeling super fresh. Pop a bit of face cleanser on it, choose your speed intensity, and gently move it in small circles over your skin. For your T-zone (areas that are prone to oiliness like your forehead and nose) do this for 20 seconds, and 10 seconds for your cheeks and the rest of your face.

Tip 2: Smell your way to better skin

Stress is not your friend. In most cases, but especially with your look. When we get stressed, we product cortisol. And when we produce cortisol, our skin’s less able to retain water- leading to wrinkles, dryness, oiliness, you name it. Be kind to yourself and you skin will thank you too.

Why not try aromatherapy? It can be seriously soothing and it’s easy to get started. Having a whiff of something pleasant triggers our smell receptors, telling our brain to relax.

What to do? Next time you’re having a bath with some essential oils or using a face mask (for those of us who are strictly shower dwellers), use this Ellia Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser to help your skin from the inside and the outside.


Tip 3: Turn up the heat for your hair

This is another one where we might be tricked into thinking isolation works in our favour here. Less heavy styling tools means less damage to our hair. Definitely.

It’s a little bit more tricky to get our hair cut though. Without regular trims, we can start seeing a lot more split ends. That means keeping our hair conditioned is still just as important if we want to keep it shiny, soft and healthy.

What to do? There are a bunch of articles online with recipes for homemade hair masks. Choose your favourite, slather it on, and brush your hair (gently) with a wide toothed comb so every bit of your locks are covered.

Dampen a towel and use a hair dryer like the Remington Keratin Protect to make it toasty (not too hot!). Wrap your hair in the towel for 15 minutes or so, then wash the conditioner out of your hair and et voila, healthy hair that’s less prone to breakages!


Tip 4: Ditch the razor

Some of us might be happy to drop the hair removal routine during lockdown. If that’s the case- amazing, let that leg air grow wild and free my friend.

But if you’re still keen for smooth legs and your waxing salon is no longer open, it doesn’t mean you have to struggle with at-home kits or turn to shaving. Shaving can be very drying (which, as we now know, is not great) and waxing strips sometimes aren’t tough enough.

What to do? Try an epilator. They pull hair out at the root so your hair takes longer to grow back, like waxing. But they don’t damage the upper layer of your skin, like shaving often does. Epilating can sometimes be a little bit painful, but this Braun one works on wet or dry skin so you can use it in the shower. That opens your pores, to make it all a bit more comfortable.

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