Test your football national anthems knowledge

Test your anthems knowledge with our quiz and become a footballing legend.

22 Apr 2018


The biggest event on the football calendar this year will see 32 teams put their skills to the test. But one aspect of any global tournament that rarely gets airtime is each team’s national anthem. Soak up those distinct melodies with the Sony OLED range, which produces stunning sound for that big occasion.

Here’s the thing though: how well do you know the 32 anthems of the teams competing?  

There’s a globe-full of rousing, inspirational and obscure gems to discover.  

Did you know that Japan’s Kimigayo is based on a waka poem written sometime between 794-1185 AD? Or that Spain’s La Marcha Real (The Royal March) has no words at all, and hasn’t since 1978, when the lyrics approved by former dictator Francisco Franco were dropped?

It might all sound like French to you, but behind every country’s anthem is a story that helps to explain why it’s the tune they choose to get their national pride surging.

Can you tell the difference between Australia’s Advance Australia Fair and Nigeria’s Arise, O Compatriots? Explore the National Anthems quiz and find out. Pair the right country with the melody and get all 10 right to cement yourself as a footballing legend.


A stunning picture – with the sound to match

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