HP Spectre x360: The laptop that will bend over backwards to please you

As the name suggests, the HP Spectre x360´s screen can be turned a full 360 degrees, making this a super portable, super versatile laptop. Find out the four reasons you will love this laptop as much as we do.

27 Apr 2015

If your workload demands a versatile laptop, you’re in luck. The HP Spectre x360 quite literally bends over backwards to meet your needs.

Hp Spectre X 360


1) The rotatable screen makes working versatile

This stylish ultrabook offers a Full HD touchscreen that rotates through 360 degrees, instantly transforming from laptop to tablet mode and everything inbetween. The Spectre is ready for you no matter how you want to work or play.

Not only does this let you dictate your optimal way of working, it also helps when you’re sharing or presenting content. For example, you can put the finishing touches to a powerpoint, flip the screen around and be in a tablet mode that’s easier to hold, ready to present in seconds. Or, if you’re in the mood for entertainment, the keyboard can be rotated to an optimal angle for playing games or watching movies.


2) Your movies look amazing on the touchscreen

Talking of movies, this is one area where the 13” screen really shines. The Full HD image is rich and vibrant without being over saturated, and you have ultra-wide viewing angles that mean you don’t have to be sat right in front of the screen to see what’s going on. Good news for those who want to enjoy watching a movie with friends.

Tablet mode is where the touchscreen comes into its own, but the multi-touch trackpad under the keyboard makes using the Spectre in laptop mode easy. The keyboard itself isbeautifully-designed, with backlit keys that are large enough and well spaced enough to be comfortable even if you’re typing for a long time.


3) The long battery life and slim design means it’s great for using out and about

There’s no need to worry about running out of battery, either. The charge on the Spectre can last up to 12 and a half hours, a figure which even takes into consideration powering the impressively bright and detailed 13” Full HD screen.

Couple this long battery life with a slim body and light weight and it’s clear the Spectre is designed for portability. The high-quality aluminium chassis is reminiscent of the Macbook Pro, and just as durable as you’d expect from one of HP’s top-of-the-range laptops.


4) It’s more than powerful enough for most tasks

Don’t be fooled by the slim build. The Spectre packs a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processorand 4GB ram into it’s compact frame. This is more than enough for everyday use. Browsing the internet, running Microsoft Office or photo editing is a breeze. Due to the slim design there’s no room for a DVD drive, but the built-in SSD drive is really fast and quiet, meaning any movies you’ve bought and downloaded play smoothly.

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