Travel Guide: Hyrule - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

03 Mar 2017

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Rolling hills, galloping horses, sun-soaked valleys, lush forests, magical springs – Hyrule is an ancient kingdom that rewards the hardy traveller with its stunning secrets.

Why not get up to mischief in the Great Hyrule Forest, ride horses at the Riverside Stable or climb Tuft Mountain?

Not afraid of heights? Soar like a bird by taking advantage of one of many paragliding spots.

At night, book yourself a stay at an inn, available in Hyrule’s towns and villages, or camp out in the wild yourself, cooking food over a campfire. 

A word to the wise though, traveller: take a companion. Because, as we all know, it’s dangerous to go alone.

An illustrated travel poster of a scene depicting the videogame series,  The Legend of Zelda

Things to see in Hyrule

Eventide Island: Located in the Necluda Sea, Eventide Island is only accessible by paragliding over vast swathes of ocean. That’s not without its risks, but once you’re there, the views are worth it.

Death Mountain: This volatile volcano spits ash and flows with lava, so admire the view from afar as opposed to getting too close.

Lost Woods: Located inside the Great Hyrule Forest, this wooded area is a magical stretch of closely-knit trees and lush grassland, and one that’s home to many secrets.




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