Impress and save time with the latest Bosch kitchen innovations

Introducing the Bosch features that’ll save you time and impress your guests, no matter the occasion

15 Sep 2018

Bosch kitchen

1. AutoPilot

Remember the days when ovens had two settings, cook and grill? Well, those days are over.

AutoPilot 10 boasts 10 pre-defined programs to sort your cooking with minimal effort. All you have to do is select the program that suits you, enter the weight of your meal and press go. AutoPilot 10 takes it from there, cooking your food to perfection.

Best of all, if you’re busy entertaining guests or finishing off the kids’ bathtime, AutoPilot 10 turns the oven off and keeps everything inside warm, so you’ll never ruin dinner by overcooking.


2. 3D Hotair

While your food is cooking, 3D Hotair keeps every compartment of your oven at an even temperature – never too hot or too cold.

You can also use 3D Hotair to cook on up to 3 different levels without intermingling of flavours. Need to keep the whole family happy at mealtime? Pop the kids’ meal on one shelf, yours on another, and even bake a dessert on the third. No more excuses for picky eaters!

You can also cook veggie on one shelf and meat or fish on the others – covering different dietary requirements at mealtime has never been easier.

Learn more about Bosch 3D Hotair technology

Bosch oven

3. Pyrolytic cleaning

Pyrolytic is a combination of ‘pyro’ meaning fire, and ‘lytic’ meaning to break down. In other words, with pyrolytic cleaning, your Bosch oven actually cooks itself clean.

Once activated, your Bosch oven will heat up to 480°C to burn away grease and grit that’s built up inside. All that’s left for you to do is wipe away the ash. And voila – a squeaky clean oven without getting any hazardous chemicals and sticky grime on your hands.

Need these features in your kitchen? You can find them all in the Bosch Serie 4 Electric Oven


4. Reload by Bosch

How many times have you stuck a wash on, only to notice a stray sock that didn’t find its way into the machine?

With Reload by Bosch, you won’t need to worry about that anymore. Reload lets you add items to a wash mid-cycle without stopping or restarting. Simply pause the cycle, open the door, load your forgotten items, then resume where you left off.

Eco Silence

5. Eco Silence Drive

Eco Silence Drive ensures your washing machine runs as quietly as 47dB – about the same as the sound of the rolling sea. So everyone in your family can get a good night’s sleep, even with the washing machine on at bedtime.

And, with Bosch’s clever AntiVibration sidewall, which keeps your machine from rattling all over the place, even the most sensitive little ears in your household won’t be woken from their slumber.


6. SuperQuick15

It’s the first day of school. You’ve got lunches to pack, pencil cases to fill and permission slips to sign. It’s all going fine until, suddenly, one of the kids spills orange juice down their top. Great.

It’s times like these when you’ll be glad you have a Bosch washing machine with the SuperQuick15 setting.

True to its name, SuperQuick15 washes your clothes super-quickly – in as little in 15 minutes, to be precise – which is ideal when you need fresh clothes in a flash. That’s one less thing to worry about – now, where’s the shoe polish?

Bosch Serie 4 8kg

7. SpeedPerfect

SuperQuick 15 makes a huge difference when you need to wash lightly soiled clothes, but what about those big, grubby, family-sized loads?

Well, Bosch has a time-saving innovation up its sleeve for those too.

SpeedPerfect blasts through big bundles of laundry, washing a full drum in just one hour. This is the perfect setting for when it’s your turn to wash the school rugby team’s kit.

Want all of these great features and more? Choose the Bosch Serie 4 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine


And discover many more time-saving and stress-reducing Bosch innovations to modernise your home in our full range of Bosch appliances – including Bosch dishwashers, fridge-freezers and vacuum cleaners.

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