Introducing Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Super-precise noise cancellation, bundles of battery and perfectly balanced sound. Discover Huawei’s brilliant new wireless earphones.

07 Oct 2020

Looking for powerful new earbuds that can genuinely outlast your playlists? From sound quality and noise cancellation to comfort and style, there are plenty of things to look out for when buying new headphones. And the Huawei FreeBuds Pro tick every box. Here’s everything we love about them:


Block out those distractions

Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of the train station or loud music blasting across the gym as you work out, Huawei FreeBuds Pro shut out every sound you don’t want to hear, to keep you in the zone.

Inside the earbuds are microphones facing both inward and outward, picking up on all the noises that clash with your tunes. Then comes the clever AI. The earbuds generate anti-noise signals to cancel all those noises out, muting any potential distractions. It’s that good, you can get stuck into that latest podcast episode and hear it like you’re there, even in the rush hour. Perfect.

Noise cancellation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, though. Every environment you listen in is different, so your headphones need to be ready for it. FreeBuds Pro have three modes to help you tune in anywhere.

General Mode is ideal when you’re walking down the street or in a busy café. Cozy Mode blocks out sounds like typing and paper shuffling for easy productivity at home, in the office or at the library. And if neither of those are cutting it, Ultra Mode isn’t just noise cancelling, it’s noise banishing. You have to hear it (or not hear it) to believe it.

Ever missed your station or stop because you were so into that song? It can be easy to get that lost in your content when the noise cancellation is this good. That’s why Huawei have also added a clever Voice Mode. It makes ambient noise quieter to help other people’s voices clearer, so you can hear important announcements without having to pause the tune. Handy.

Subtle. Practical. Stylish

Not all comfortable earphones look great and not all good-looking earphones are comfortable, but FreeBuds Pro tick both boxes. They’re designed to be that comfy that you forget you’re wearing them when you listen, even when you’re exercising. With their dual anti-wind structure, you can go for a cycle or run and take calls at the same time. You’ll hear your mates loud and clear.

Inside the earbud itself, every little detail has been finished with crystal clear listening in mind. You wouldn’t think it when you look at its compact design, but the drivers handle a serious amount of bass without any distortion. So, if you love to crank up the volume, you can blast your tunes without losing any of the finer details.

There’s nothing worse than choppy audio and latency to take you out of that song or phone conversation. However, each Huawei FreeBud Pro earbud has two Bluetooth chips that offer 360° coverage and stay connected to your music device. Leave your phone in your bag and listen freely with seamless sound to match any wired headset.

In terms of style, it’s always nice to see headphones come in different colours, and the three options here are all pretty swish. There’s Ceramic White, Carbon Black, and Silver Frost, with its eye-catching metallic finish. We love their angular design, which sets them apart from many other wireless earbuds out there. They really do make a bold statement.

Keep the tunes going

Listen to that marathon podcast and know for sure you’ll make it right to the end. These trusty earbuds can keep the music going for up to 4.5 hours, or as much as seven hours when you’re not running noise-cancellation. When they do run out, just pop them in the matching charge case. It adds up to 23 hours extra listening time, so you can power through content no matter how far from home you are.

And when you pop open the case, you should see a pop-up appear on your phone to pair them for the first time, so set up is a piece of cake. Once you’ve paired, all you’ll need to do is pop open the case to reconnect whenever you want to listen. Easy.


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