Introducing the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Processor

The second generation of AMD’s iconic Ryzen processor is here. We show you why you need it for your computer…

03 Oct 2018

HP Omen

Top-drawer performance. Incredible speed. Beautiful graphics. That was the first generation. So, what’s changed with the new AMD Ryzen™ processor?

Let’s start with…


Radeon™ Vega Graphics

The first-generation AMD Ryzen™ processor included Radeon™ Vega Graphics. This meant high speed, less lag and even 4K gameplay capability.

2nd Gen Radeon™ Vega now lets you run heaps of different programmes at the same time – all super-speedily and in high-definition.

AMD Radeon Vega Graphics

Better yet, you can do so over multiple monitors. That’s because the AMD Ryzen™ processor also includes Radeon™’s FreeSync™ 2 technology, giving you great graphics across several screens.

That’s one way to feel completely immersed in your favourite game. Ready to hit the battlefield?


AMD SenseMI Technology

Thanks to AMD SenseMI, your Ryzen™ processor will never miss a beat. That’s because SenseMI follows every detail of your workload and fine-tunes itself to cope with whatever you throw at it.

Dozens of spreadsheets? No problem. Perfectly smooth HD and 4K online gaming? Easy. Flawless streaming video playback? Crank it up to the max and hit play. Anything is possible.

AMD 2nd Gen


With the all-new AMD StoreMI, you get the speed of an all-new SSD Drive without losing the huge capacity of a traditional hard drive.

That means fewer storage issues and no more waiting for your computer to get in gear. Just click to get exactly what you want, exactly when you need it.


What do these features mean for you?

Whatever you use your PC for – whether it’s retouching Instagram photos, working on dozens of docs at the same time or high-intensity online gaming, you can depend on the 2nd generation AMD Ryzer™ to deliver top performance.

Experience everything, from live HD streaming to the latest online games, in amazing colour with perfectly smooth Radeon™ Vega graphics.

Trust that your PC won’t slow down or suffer overheating, thanks to the so-called XFR2, or Extended Frequency Range 2.

And deal with multiple tasks at high speed, thanks to Precision Boost 2 and Neural Net Prediction.

AMD Ryzen

Our favourite bits:

  • This is the world’s first 12nm processor. That means the highest possible speed for the lowest possible power
  • 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ SenseMI technology keeps tabs on every millisecond of your work so it can respond to your needs in double-quick time. That’s serious dedication!
  • Sensors monitor the processor’s heat to keep everything moving coolly and smoothly
  • It can predict the future – Smart Pretech algorithms know exactly what you need and load it ahead of time

So, what’s the verdict? Feel like you need the AMD Ryzen™ in your life? We don’t blame you.


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