Introducing the Dyson Small Ball Allergy

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that glides easily between carpet and hard floors? Meet the new hero of your home…

12 Feb 2020

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that glides easily between carpet and hard floors? Meet the new hero of your home…

Are you tired of having to drag a bulky machine around the house, or is your current vacuum cleaner simply not cutting it anymore? Dyson have created a vacuum cleaner that tackles every problem we face when cleaning flooring, from performance to portability. Meet the Dyson Small Ball Allergy:


High performance on any type of floor

It doesn’t matter if you have carpets, laminate flooring, or a combination of both in your home. The Dyson Small Ball can handle any type of flooring, gliding from one room to the next with ease.

Because it features a direct-drive motor in the brush bar, it drives bristles deep into carpets and crevices to pick up the dirt that your old vacuum cleaner just can’t manage. Even if you have a tiled kitchen floor, the Small Ball is powerful enough to pick up crumbs between tiles, leaving every room looking pristine.

You’ll find three different suction modes, giving you the right amount of power for everything from a quick lap around the house to a deeper, seasonal clean. Plus, thanks to Radial Root Cyclone technology, you’ll get the same level of power from beginning to end.


Don’t get your hands dirty

Let’s face it, emptying your vacuum cleaner’s bag when it’s full is a horrible job. You can’t help but get your hands dirty when tipping it into the bin, and there’s always a plume of dust that wafts back into the air. That’s why the Dyson Small Ball Allergy doesn’t have one.

Instead, it has a dustbin that you can remove with a single click, and empty into a bin without touching any dirt. So, you can empty out every ounce of dust and grime without letting any of it back into the air you breathe.

Made to tackle allergens

For asthma sufferers, trapped dirt and dust can be a major irritation. That’s why the Dyson Small Ball is certified by Allergy Standards Limited. It’s able to efficiently remove allergens using its powerful filtration system, so the air in your home is as fresh and clean as your floor.

Plus, if you’ve got a four-legged friend at home, the Dyson Small Ball Allergy is perfect for pet owners, too. Its consistent high performance means you can remove pet hair anywhere, whether its your living room carpet or their favourite corner of the sofa.


Peace and quiet as you clean

Vacuum cleaning is usually one of the noisier chores around the home. But with the Dyson Small Ball Allergy, it won’t matter what time of day you clean your carpets and upholstery as it’s surprisingly quiet. In fact, it’s 40% quieter than the Dyson DC40. So, no need to turn up the TV or plug your headphones in to get a bit of peace as you clean.


A range of tools to get you started

As soon as you unbox the Dyson Small Ball Allergy, it’s ready to get to work. There’s no need to buy multiple add-ons and attachments, as they’re all there and ready to use.

You’ll find a brush and crevice tool that’s able to clean surfaces and edges, that’s great for skirting boards. For your notoriously hard-to-clean staircase, there’s a tool for that too. The mattress tool is great for removing dust from upholstery, while the soft dusting brush is perfect for delicate surfaces like keyboards and worktops.

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