Introducing the heroes of your home

To celebrate all those household heroes, we're bringing you some of our best deals on the most heroic household tech...

05 Feb 2020

From your washing machine workhorse, that never complains to your trusty TV offering endless entertainment after a hard day’s work, there’s plenty of tech in your home that you just couldn’t do without.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to recognise some of those heroic devices and appliances by bringing you some cracking deals on our top tech.


Tech legends for any living room

The living room is the place to kick back, relax and be entertained, so let’s take a look at some of our favourite tech to take your entertainment to the next level…

Upgrade movie nights with a soundbar

Soundbars offer a whole new TV viewing experience without the need to fill your room with multiple speakers. 

Check out some of our best soundbar deals

Enjoy the big-screen experience

Let’s face it, the TV is the true hero of the modern living room and we Brits love nothing more than sinking into the sofa on a cold winter evening and getting lost in our favourite shows.


Create a super-smart bedroom with a smart assistant

On those chilly winter mornings, what’s better than getting an extra half hour tucked up in your cosy, warm bed? And a smart speaker can make those arduous early mornings a whole lot easier.

As well as being able to manage your schedule for the day, a smart assistant enables you to control other smart devices without having to drag yourself out of bed. A bit chilly? Just ask your smart assistant so turn up your Google Nest Thermostat a couple of degrees, ask it to play your favourite Spotify playlist, or even turn your smart lights up 20% - that should help ease you into the day gently.

Find out more about what smart assistants can do and check out the new Google Nest Mini


Kitchen tech you can count on

The unsung heroes of the home are without a doubt our kitchen appliances, they work day and night to help our homes run smoothly and we barely give them a second thought.

woman loading dishwasher

Gone are the days of endless household chores, just load up the dishwasher and press start, no more plunging your hands into scalding hot water to scrub dirty dishes.

And while all those appliances are whirring away doing the jobs you hate, why not treat yourself to a hot cuppa at the touch of a button? 


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