Introducing the new portable wireless Sonos Move speaker

The new Sonos smart speaker offers the best of home audio and portable listening in one handy device.

12 Sep 2019

For most audiophiles, having a portable wireless speaker and a separate home audio setup is essential. But what if there was a speaker that offered the best of both worlds? The Sonos Move combines the big sound and cracking detail you expect from a great home speaker, with the connectivity and ruggedness of a portable. Here’s why we think it’s the ultimate versatile gadget for music lovers.


The perfect sound signature, wherever you’re listening

Before you’ve even lined up the first tune on your playlist, the Sonos Move’s Trueplay tuning feature uses the speaker’s mic to measure sound reflecting off walls and surfaces in the room. The result is rich, deep bass (good news for the dance music aficionados), a wide soundscape, and perfect balance no matter what genre you prefer. And the best bit? Trueplay is automatic, so you won’t need to do anything to hit that acoustic sweet spot.


Listen your way

Let everyone at your house party choose what songs they want to hear. The Sonos Move has WiFi connectivity and works with the Sonos app and Apple AirPlay 2, so your friends can add their songs to the queue without battling over an aux cable. If you already have Sonos multi-room speakers, the Sonos Move can be added to the network to blast your music throughout your home.

And if you’re taking the party outside or heading to the park, just connect your phone or music player via Bluetooth and keep the tunes going.


Get answers just by asking

Along with its crystal-clear sound, the Sonos Move fits effortlessly into your smart home ecosystem. Unlike most smart speakers, it’s got both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in. No matter what voice assistant controls your appliances, your speaker is the hub that controls everything. It’s also ideal for getting quick answers without manually searching. Ask the Google Assistant or Alexa for the latest news headlines, to play a brand-new single from your favourite artist, or even just to remind you about your upcoming appointments. 


Made for outdoors

You know what summer’s like in Britain – heatwave one minute, tropical thunderstorm the next. Luckily, the Sonos Move is prepared for even the most dramatic turns in weather. It’s got an IP56 rating, meaning it can hold its own against rain snow, dust, UV rays, extreme heat and cold. So, you need never let bad weather rain on your parade. The speaker itself is housed in a rugged, shock-resistant case, allowing the Move to bat away drops and bumps as easily as a few spots of rain.


What about the battery?

Just because you’re unwinding with a podcast or chill-out mix in your garden, doesn’t mean you have to keep an eye on the Sonos Move’s battery. It’ll keep going for up to 10 hours and outlast even the longest party or album-trawling session.

When the battery finally runs low, you can forget about ugly USB cables too. The indoor charging base has a minimal circular design. So, just set the speaker down on the base and carry on getting lost in the music.


Check out the Sonos Move Portable Wireless Multi-room Speaker

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