Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The new Galaxy Tab S4 has landed, and it’s perfect for multitasking, watching movies and doodling. We get under its skin…

09 Aug 2018

Samsung unveiled its new tablet – the highly-anticipated sequel to the Galaxy Tab S4 - at the Samsung Unpacked event in New York on August 9th.

Boasting a powerful productivity tool and versatile entertainment hub all rolled into one you'll enjoy:

  • Crystal-clear images on the 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen
  • Quality quad AKG speakers and Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • DeX mode for PC-like multitasking
  • Integrated S Pen for jotting down notes and sketching
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life


Take a closer look at what these features mean for you...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with keyboard

Amazing visuals and audio

Bring your entertainment to life with the Super AMOLED display that makes images pop with vivid colour. The stunning visuals are complemented by four powerful AKG speakers and Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound that puts you right in the heart of the action.

  • Binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows: The battery lasts for up to 15 hours of video playback
  • Watch movies on the go in brilliant detail with the large 10.5-inch screen
  • Use kids’ mode to keep little ones entertained safely on long journeys
  • Enjoy a more immersive gaming experience, with top games preloaded 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Interface

DeX mode for multitasking

Samsung’s flagship DeX software is available on tablet for the first time. This transforms the user interface, so you can multitask as easily as you would on a PC.

Through split-screening, you can perform several tasks at once. You can even connect to a second monitor, turning the tablet into a second screen.

  • Work on documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office apps
  • Resize multiple app windows – take notes while watching a presentation
  • Connect to the Keyboard Case and Bluetooth mouse (sold separately) to work in laptop mode

S Pen

S Pen for unleashing your creative talent

The Galaxy Tab S4 comes with Samsung’s S Pen stylus included in the box. It has 4,096 levels of pressure, so you can switch between shading and drawing simply by tilting the pen. Perfect for sketching and jotting down notes as they pop into your head. 

  • Relieve stress with fun doodling apps and adult colouring books courtesy of Samsung art network PenUp
  • Make lists on the blank screen so you can remember them at a later date
  • Embrace your inner artist and share your digital drawings
  • Draw pictures with the S Pen and send them as animated GIFs


Fort Knox-style security

Keep your data protected from malware and other cyber threats around the clock. The defence-grade security platform Samsung Knox stores your data in a secure folder that only you can open.

It includes iris scanning in addition to facial recognition technology, so a quick scan of your eyes, face or fingerprint is all that’s needed to unlock your device.

  • Protect all your apps and sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands
  • Shop and bank online safely
  • Safeguard any work data 

Galaxy Tab S4 colours

Tools to manage your life and smart home

The Galaxy Tab S4 also has new features to help you manage your connected devices from just about anywhere. 

In its downtime, it turns into a smart home display with the POGO Charging Dock (sold separately). The Daily Board can be set to showcase your favourite photos while it charges, as well as display the current weather, time and date.

  • Start a movie on your tablet during your commute and finish it on your smart TV when you get home
  • See who’s at your door with a smart doorbell
  • Turn off the lights in the kids’ bedrooms after you’ve gone to bed


Interested in finding out more? View the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 here 


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