Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Watch Active is here. Never before will a smartwatch be able to keep up with you, quite like this one.

21 Feb 2019

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

We were knocked for six when we saw the new Galaxy Watch Active. Its sleek and stylish design has come a long way since the days of bulky smartwatches. Its elegant and lightweight aluminium build has been especially designed to fit into every part of your day – whether you’re pounding the pavement on your morning run or turning heads in the club on a Friday night.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in rose gold

The wide range of colours makes sure you two never have to part ways. The range includes traditional Silver and matte Black – but there’s also a stunning Rose Gold option if you’re looking to inject a little colour into your tech.


Fitness and wellness tracking on the Galaxy Watch Active

The fact that it looks so good isn’t the only reason you won’t want to take it off. The Galaxy Watch Active will make every single move you make count. It’s a coach on your wrist that tracks and automatically stores every walk, run and cycle. So, that impressive sprint for the bus will be added on to your 45-minute workout at the gym to give you an overall result at the end of the day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in black

And this watch is perfect if you want to get into fitness. You can track your personal best and set yourself daily goals for motivation. Two minutes extra on the treadmill every week and this time next year you could be crossing the marathon finish line - thanks to your new Galaxy Watch Active.

It’s important to make sure your mind is as fit and healthy as your body, and the Galaxy Watch Active understands that. Not sleeping so soundly? Let it track your sleep to help you figure out why. Having a stressful week? Follow the built-in breathing exercises which aim to help reduce stress and get you into healthy mindful habits that last.

It’ll even help you stay on top of your health at all times. It cleverly susses out any blips in your blood pressure or heart rate – so you can get that doctor’s appointment in quicker for added peace of mind.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active colours

Stay connected with the Galaxy Watch Active

Keeping on top of everything has never been easier. Effortlessly connect your Galaxy Watch Active to your smartphone and receive messages and notifications right on its beautiful face. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can keep on top of everything seamlessly.

Every moment is precious. Skip songs that aren’t going down too well at your party from your wrist, ask for a weather update next to the umbrella stand by the door, and lose yourself in a completely wireless workout with the new Galaxy Buds (more on those later). This is advanced connectivity that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you are.

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


Go wireless in style with Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones

Whether you love listening to podcasts on your commute, or perfectly curated playlists while you clean the kitchen, the new Galaxy Buds wireless design means you can take your audio with you everywhere you go.

They’ll work with your Bluetooth enabled phone, smartwatch or tablet – so you can seamlessly switch between devices without ever having to plug in. They’re super comfy, too. In fact, they’ve been designed to be worn all day, forming perfectly to the shape of the user’s ear.

Samsung Galaxy Buds in black

Now, these little guys may look the part, but you’re probably wondering how they sound. Well, the answer is crisp, clear and detailed, courtesy of sound by AKG. Just slip them out of their charging case, pop them in and they’re ready to go. And when you want to hear the world around you, Ambient Mode works with a quick tap.

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Buds 

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