Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

With a folding screen, external notifications and incredible multitasking capability, you’ve never seen a smartphone like this before. Get yours now!

11 Mar 2020

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has the classic, slim look that we’ve all become familiar with. Only, there’s one major difference that no other smartphone has been able to achieve before: it folds and flips.

We’ll show you why you’ll love the flip function, along with a host of other amazing features that make the Galaxy Flip Z irresistible.

And we were lucky enough to get our hands on it...


Flipping good looks

Let’s start with the standout design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. As smartphone screens get bigger, putting your phone in your pocket feels bulky and uncomfortable. The Z Flip solves this issue with its clever folding design. Its unfolded screen size of 6.7-inches halves its size when you fold it - meaning it’ll easily fit into a pocket or purse.

Even when you’re checking notifications, you don’t need to open the phone. Thanks to a notification screen on the front, you can quickly get previews of text messages, emails or Whatsapp messages instantly.

Plus, when the phone is folded, you can use the rear camera and 1-inch notification screen to take selfies.


Capture it all

The flip design isn’t the only thing that’ll turn heads – the Z Flip’s cameras are pretty special, too. Combining two 12MP lenses on the back, one wide-angle and an Ultra Wide, you’re able to capture any shot the moment it happens. That goes for night-time photography as well. With long exposure shots, the city skyline appears lit up and detailed, making that scenic shot crystal clear even when shooting from a distance.

If you’re more into recording footage to share with your mates on social media, the Samsung Galaxy ZX Flip doesn’t disappoint. The rear cameras record your videos in 4K to ensure they look just as good on your TV as they do on your phone.

And thanks to the freestop folding hinge, you can position your phone at the perfect angle to get that sweeping shot. It works just like a tripod, so you’re ready to get out there and get creative straight away.


Edge-to-edge entertainment

The screen is a tough Ultra Thin Glass panel developed by Samsung, which means you get the same crystal-clear detail as you do with a conventional smartphone. From watching Netflix to playing your favourite game, everything appears vivid and rich with colour.

Plus, with a Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display and support for HDR content, you’ll get incredible contrast even when you’re watching outdoors in the sun.

Catch up with mates

The folding hinge of the Galaxy Flip Z doesn’t just make the phone easier to store, but easier to use. When you video call friends and family, simply position your phone like a laptop and the screen separates into a viewing area and separate control. It works like a screen and keyboard, while keeping your selfie camera steady throughout the chat.

Or, if you like to keep more than one app open at the same time, you can use two apps side by side with Multi Active Window. It’s great for copying and pasting from one app to another, or choosing the best group photo from your library to send to your mates.


Share the power

With so many functions and features to dive into, you’ll need a battery that can handle it. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features a 3300mAh battery that combines with clever AI to keep you powered up all day. And don’t worry about waiting around for it to charge before you leave the house. With Super Fast Charging , you’ll be up and running again in no time.

Out with a friend and they’re running low on battery? Not a problem. The Z Flip can share power with other devices when you’ve got a charge of over 30%. Handy.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available to order now in Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.

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