Introducing the stunning Sony BRAVIA OLED AG9 TV

With ultimate power, comes ultimate picture quality…

23 May 2019

Sony just gets entertainment. As an industry leader in film, music and TV production, it truly understands what makes content captivating.

Delivering top-notch sound and vision is clearly something the company has mastered; from creation all the way to execution. And that execution came across loud and clear when we were first introduced to the AG8 and AG9 TVs at CES back in January.


In a nutshell

The vast amount of expertise that Sony has in high-end audio systems, screen technology and gaming is what gives them the edge over many of their competitors.

Sony AG9 corner view

And it’s not just the tech that puts Sony’s TVs right at the cutting edge, they also look great. Their minimalist one-slate OLED design gives the AG9 and AG8 a super-sleek look. Wall mounted, they sit flush to the surface of the wall, adding a real home-cinema feel to your room.

Both the AG9 and its littler sibling the AG8 feature the latest Android Oreo operating system which makes the menu really easy to navigate. It’s fast too – choose an app and it opens in an instant. Google Assistant is another new addition, letting you control your TV with your voice and putting it right at the centre of your smart home.

Here are the main features:

  • OLED Pixel Contrast Booster: for true-to-life colours and incredible detail, even in darker scenes.
  • X1 Ultimate picture processor: Sony’s most powerful yet, for ultimate realism so everything you watch is clear, bright and natural looking.
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+: the whole screen becomes the speaker for incredible sound quality, with four acoustic drivers in the back of the TV.

So let’s take a look at both of these new TVs in a little more detail…



It’s something we don’t necessarily think too much about, but TV and Movie directors go to huge lengths to make sure scenes are lit in very specific ways. It’s a painstaking process to make sure the lighting, shadows, colours, scenery and actors are all depicted in just the right way to create the perfect scene.

And the AG9 is packed with the latest tech to make sure what you see on the screen is exactly what the creator intended.

Sony Bravia OLED AG9 TV


Processing power that can handle anything

Sony’s latest and most powerful picture processor, the X1 Ultimate delivers ultimate realism, whether you’re streaming 4K content on Netflix or sitting down with your favourite Blu-Ray DVD, the X1 Ultimate will make whatever you watch look its absolute best.


Get even more detail from Sony’s OLED Pixel Contrast Booster

As well as a super-powerful processor, the AG9 is equipped with Sony’s OLED Pixel Contrast Booster which gives you even more detail and better colours than a regular OLED screen.

The easiest way to understand TV processors is to use a car analogy… stay with us here… The X1 Ultimate is kind of like the engine you’ll find in a hyper-car, with the X1 Extreme being more like the engine in a super-car. They’ll both give you more power than you’ll ever need, but if you’re happy to settle for a super-car, the X1 Extreme is more than up to the job.


Incredible sound fired directly from the screen

And it’s not just about the outstanding picture quality, the AG9 comes with some very clever sound tech called Acoustic Surface Audio+ which delivers some seriously impressive sound for such a thin TV.

Sony Bravia AG9 from the top

It works by turning the whole screen into a speaker with four acoustic drivers fixed to the back of the sound panel. The result is an incredibly thin screen with soundbar-quality audio delivered straight into your room.


It’s smart. Like…REALLY smart

The AG9 comes with Google Assistant built-in, which not only means it’s incredibly easy to switch between your favourite on-demand shows and smart TV apps, but you’ll be able to control your wider smart home gadgets too.

It’s powered by the Android Oreo operating system, so switching between apps, programmes, questions and requests will be fluid and fast. How’s that for handy?

Take a look at the 65” Sony BRAVIA AG9 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV with Google Assistant, or the slightly smaller 55” here.


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