Join the baking revolution with Panasonic breadmaker

Take the strain out of turning out a perfect loaf with the Panasonic SD-ZB2502BX bread maker

26 Mar 2013

Paul Hollywood's piercing blue eyes and masterful way with a jam sponge have already seen many a modern career girl head for the kitchen clutching a copy of Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess.

With his new BBC2 show he's at it again - this time raising our temperatures with his no-nonsense approach to kneading dough while wearing an expensive pastel-coloured shirt.

Save time and mess

The great man himself says he can't be beaten by a piece of dough, and we love watching him back that up. But kneading it yourself - time consuming, tiring and pretty damn boring - isn't half as much fun.

Enter the Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC bread maker - your new best friend.

Pansonic Breamaker

Mintel reckons more than one in five of us are doing more baking compared with a year ago, while separate research shows sales of breadmakers rising like a prize loaf - up 30% compared to last March.


Turning inspiration into lunch

Baking purists may scoff and cry 'cheat', but we say balderdash - they're clearly missing the point.

Hollywood says in the opening credits to his BBC2 show that making bread in your own kitchen is much more satisfying then buying a loaf.

And therein lies the point - that we're making bread at all.

As much as we enjoy a retro afternoon in the kitchen, time is precious for us girls. What with work, socialising and shopping, a full-on baking sesh can be hard to squeeze in.  

But this Panasonic breadmaker can be the difference between merely drooling over the delicious treats knocked up by Hollywood and actually recreating them in your own kitchen.

With a breadmaker like the Panasonic firing on all cylinders we can find our way around a white bloomer without having to turn our kitchen into a vast, sprawling desert of sifted flour or spend an age massaging dough into a reasonable state.

Instead we can concentrate on getting the recipe right and practising what we'd say to the reluctant sex symbol of the baking world when he praised us for avoiding a soggy bottom.

Nuts and seeds are easy indeed

The BBC show sees Hollywood making breads found on tables from the Midlands to Morocco, incorporating more flours than you'd find in an average florist, but with different modes for rye and spelt the Panasonic is up for a bit of experimentation.


He also shows us the way with breads including seeds and nuts, and if you're planning on bolstering your bread with additional textures you'll love the nut and raisin dispensers in the Panasonic. There's even a gluten free mode too.

The science bit of bread-making is definitely the yeast, and if you've avoided baking over fears of messing up this strange rise-inducing alchemy then we're afraid your luck has just run out. The Panasonic features an automatic dispenser which adds yeast at just the right time.  

Bakes good, looks good

Much like the silver fox of the baking world, the Panasonic looks as good as it bakes with a stainless steel finish that'd look swish in the most fashionable of kitchens.

Speaking of fashion, baking is definitely on-trend at the moment.

However, with Diamond Fluro-coated bread pan and blade, this machine will be turning out perfect loaves long after the buzz for bread-making dies down.  

But with three million of us tuning into see Hollywood sling flour around in the first episode of Bread, our passion for baking shows little sign of sinking.

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