Kenwood Chef is a beast...

17 Nov 2010

A Kenwood is a Kenwood. It hasn't changed over the past sixty years… it has been perfected.

The Kenwood Chef Titanium is the most modern version - sleek and shiny with a myriad of accessories including liquidiser, food processor, 4 blending tools and a spatula which makes it easier to lick the contents of the mixing bowl, rather than dipping your head inside!

First thing to know - it's big. Bigger than you might think. It's this big:

Dug gets to grips with the Kenwood Chef in our Hemel merch centre

So if you have a fairly small kitchen or limited storage space you might want to consider where exactly you would put it!

Probably the most multitalented and essential kitchen appliance and yet most who have one are totally uneducated as to really how much you can do with it. This thing is the smart-phone of the kitchen appliance world! Think cocktails and dips through to cakes and pizza dough - mix, blend, stir, beat, fold, churn, infuse, whisk and fluff… deep breath... chop, slice, mince, dice, grind, whip and liquidise… you get the drift!

So how do you get the most out of your Kenwood Chef? Sadly there's no app for that… yet. Enter the Kenwood Chef recipe book and CD with over 180 recipes and ideas, included (and necessary) when you buy a Kenwood Chef.

And because it's a Kenwood, you know it's made to last with all the important bits and pieces made from stainless steel. For those who know what they're doing in the kitchen, of course Kenwood has dozens of weird and wonderful attachments that seem to fit into the nooks and crannies all over the machine to make your life even easier. Check out the attachments you get with it:

Check out the attachments you get with it

And that is just the tip of the iceberg; there are 19 attachments in total that work with this little magician. You can get a bunch of these as accessories when you buy this product from us if the ones included aren't enough. Usefully there is a glossy inclusion in the box with a pictorial guide to the accessories:

Handy guide in the box

And what else can we say… a Kenwood is a Kenwood - it's as good as another pair of hands in the kitchen. I love this product.

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