Kick back with a Chromebook

Find out exactly what we love about Chromebooks!

10 Nov 2020

When we think of a portable pc, we usually just think about your traditional laptop. But have you ever thought about a Chromebook? These fast, affordable and lightweight laptops are usually just the thing for people on the go.


What is a Chromebook?

It’s a computer that looks much the same as any laptop. But what sets it apart is its operating system. Unlike other laptops, a Chromebook runs on Chrome OS.

With Chrome OS you use apps to get things done – a little like your phone. That makes it really simple to get around and use. Plus, its stripped back operating system makes it run super quick, so you can switch between tasks in seconds. It also means that Chromebooks work best when you’re connected to the internet, although they can do plenty offline if you’re in a pinch!

But our three favourite things about them? It’s got to be:

  • A shedload of apps for work and play
  • Peace of mind from free built-in virus protection
  • An epic battery life



Working, studying, streaming or gaming – there’s an app for that. With a Chromebook you get access to the Google Play Store, filled with loads of apps. So anything you can do on one of those apps, you can do on your Chromebook.

But that definitely doesn’t mean you’re just restricted to Google products. If your uni or work uses Microsoft 365, no worries. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all your other 365 programmes are available as apps on the Google Play Store too. And the same goes for Netflix, Spotify and Zoom too. So you never have to worry about missing out.


Seriously safe

There’s no need to mess about with installing anti-virus. Your Chromebook does it all for you! They come with anti-virus protection built-in and ready to go. So you can browse online worry-free, safe in the knowledge your Chromebook’s got your back.

Even better, a Chromebook updates its anti-virus automatically. While you’re getting on with other things, it’ll download any improvements in the background. You don’t need to set a reminder or wait for things to go wrong – it just works.


Marathon runner

A Chromebook’s battery will run and run… much longer than your average Windows laptop. That’s because of that stripped back operating system we mentioned before. Since it doesn’t need the same processing power as a normal laptop, it uses far less energy.

It’s not unusual for Chromebooks to last all day on a single charge. Sometimes even longer! That’s brilliant for when you’ve got a busy day ahead and you don’t want to be tied to your charger. Library to lecture, home to office or living room to classroom- you’ve got your Chromebook ready to go.


Our top picks

Now you’ve read about everything a Chromebook can do, why not try one of our favourites?


Lenovo Chromebook Flexi 5i

This Chromebook’s a great choice for anyone who wants to work hard and play hard! For work, it’s got 10th Gen Intel Core processing. That adds extra speed onto the Chromebook’s already quick load times, and you’ll be able to switch between multiple Word or PowerPoint docs no problem.

Then, when it comes to play, you’ve got a gorgeous Full HD display. And its convertible design will let you choose between a traditional tabletop or a tented set-up. Binge on all your current Netflix obsessions or do a bit of gaming. Whatever you’re watching, it’ll show up crystal clear and full of detail.

Shop the Lenovo Chromebook Flexi i5


Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Another convertible wonder! Here you can detach the keyboard and use your Chromebook as a tablet. Do you want a lightweight touchscreen design for looking at stuff online or playing a game from the app store? Perfect! And if you want to get some work done just slot the keyboard back in.

There’s also plenty of space for downloading shows to watch offline and on the go. 128GB of storage is more than enough for your important bits and bobs. So if you can’t get connected, you don’t need to go without.

Plus, this one really takes the cake for battery life. We said Chromebooks deliver on that front and this one definitely does, with up to 10 hours on one charge! It’s light and portable too. You can take your Chromebook with you wherever you go, without fretting over charging.

Shop the Lenovo Chromebook Duet

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