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The Slide & Hide® oven door is the envy of bakers everywhere, but that’s not all NEFF has to offer budding chefs. Take a look at the tech that’ll take your food to the next level.

13 May 2018

If you’re a foodie, your kitchen is probably kitted out with plenty of tricks and gadgets – especially if you’re one of those people who like to use every utensil they can find when making dinner.

The best gadgets are the ones that are cool to use, make something spectacular, and look amazing even when sitting on the counter. But they would all be obsolete without an oven to master your cooking and baking.

NEFF has created an integrated oven, hob and hood system that looks stylish, has plenty of smart tech, and helps you maximise flavours – foodie heaven.


An innovative oven with the unique Slide & Hide® door

In a nutshell: A space-saving, easy-clean multifunction oven that gives you great results

Neff Slide and Hide Oven

There’s no denying that the Slide & Hide® oven door is cool. It slides away under the oven making it much easier to reach in to baste, taste and monitor dishes. It’s also a brilliant space-saver, especially if you’ve got a narrow galley kitchen, or there’s a few of you bustling around – no door means more space.

With the door being so open, you might think that you’ll be losing a lot of heat – and no one wants an uneven bake. NEFF CircoTherm® technology regulates the temperature to make sure you get consistent cooking.

The clever hot-air system also stops flavours mixing in the oven – so you can make a classic Victoria sponge alongside some roasted veggies, without ending up with a veggie-flavoured cake.

Check out the Neff electric oven


Add style and substance to your hob work

In a nutshell: Cast iron stability with super control over heat and seamless integration into your stylish kitchenNEFF Hob

Using the hob is a really cheffy way to show that you know what you’re doing – think the drama of a flambé or the smell of a grilled steak.

NEFF’s FlameSelect gas hob has nine flame levels, so you can sauté away with precise heat control. The FlameSelect control dials are really easy to use, even with one hand on the pan.

Cast iron pan supports give your pans stability on the hob, plus long-term durability. They also look really smart on the counter top.

Choose to have your gas tops fitted flush or surface mounted to seamlessly fit in with your kitchen design. 

Find out more about the NEFF gas hob


Banish bad cooking smells once and for all

In a nutshell: A sleek cooker hood to manage those smelly cooking moments at the touch of a button

Neff Hood

You might love the smell of what you are cooking, but with some dishes the aroma might end up lingering for a while afterwards.

Keep cooking smells contained with the stainless steel NEFF chimney cooker hood. It extracts or recirculates the air in your kitchen, so you won’t need to worry about a particularly pungent scent hanging around for days while the quiet extractor fan won't stop the conversation.

If you need a burst of super speed after taking your eye off something for too long, the touch controls let you adjust the speed with one finger.

Instead of an unsightly hulk of a hood hanging awkwardly out of place in your kitchen, the NEFF chimney hood has a sleek angular design to complement any modern kitchen. Plus, brilliant LED lights that let you cook hearty meals in early winter evenings or late-night summer nibbles.

See what the NEFF cooker hood has to offer


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