Kirsty Gallacher chats footy on-board our Ultimate Home of Football

First lady of football Kirsty Gallacher gives her opinion on the footy in 4K and our Ultimate Home of Football in our TechTalk interview…

21 Jun 2016

We’ve been talking football, 4K TVs, and why she loves Apple with the first lady of football and Sky Sports presenter, Kirsty Gallacher.

We caught up with Kirsty as part of our Ultimate Home of Football Tour. We’re on the road with an RV motorhome converted into the football fan’s dream living room – with 4K TVs and booming audio tech. Kirsty was on-board the tech-packed motorhome when it rocked up in London as part of its UK tour – showing all the matches of the European tournament in major cities.

Kirsty is part of an Ultimate Home of Football team that also includes legendary pundit Chris Kamara.


TechTalk: ‘What are your thoughts on the Ultimate Home of Football?’ 

Kirsty: ‘It’s truly amazing, like being at a match but in the comfort of your own home. Football fans in the UK and Republic of Ireland can enjoy a true, stadium-like viewing experience during the UHOF tour, screening all 42 European football tournament matches.’


TechTalk: ‘What do you notice more when watching football on a 4K TV?’ 

Kirsty: ‘The quality is flawless, it’s remarkable how far TV technology has come since the grainy days of analogue. The detail on players’ shirts, the individual blades of grass - it’s incredible how much detail you can see. It really makes you feel like you’re there.’   

TechTalk: ‘What’s your favourite thing about the Ultimate Home of Football?’

Kirsty: ‘The quality of the technology inside the Ultimate Home of Football provides the ultimate sporting experience. From the picture-perfect 4K TV screens to the audio sound system - I love the atmosphere it creates.

‘I hate vacuuming, so the addition of the Samsung VR9300 Wi-Fi Robot in the lounge area is great – one press of a button and it does all the clearing up for you, genius!’


TechTalk: ‘What’s the one piece of tech you can’t live without?’ 

Kirsty: ‘I’m a bit obsessed with Apple products - I love my iPhone, iPad and my MacBook. I’m not a real gadget person but I love tech that makes your life easier and has an element of style.’ 


TechTalk: ‘Technology has transformed football for the better – do you agree?’ 

Kirsty: ‘Yes, I’m definitely in favour of goal-line technology. There shouldn’t be any room for error when it comes to whether a goal has been scored or not. It could be the difference between promotion or relegation, or becoming champions or going home from a tournament early. There’s too much at stake.’


TechTalk: ‘Which tech development has had the single biggest impact on how we watch football or how football is played?’

Kirsty: ‘I would say goal-line technology, and wireless headsets which let officials speak to each other during play. This means decisions can be made more effectively and more quickly. I welcome technological developments in sport if they make the sport better, or more enjoyable to watch as a spectator.

‘For example I think Hawk-Eye (tracking software) in tennis is a brilliant solution to avoid disputes over certain key points but also to add extra in-play excitement for the crowd.’ 


TechTalk: ‘What was it like working with Kammy on the Ultimate Home of Football?’ 

Kirsty: ‘Wonderful. I’ve known him for years and he’s part of the Sky Sports family. He’s such a laugh and can deliver the killer one-liners. He’s a delight to work with.’  

TechTalk: ‘You’ve interviewed some football greats but who has been your favourite?’

Kirsty: ‘I just did a special show with David Beckham. I’d met him before but it was the first time I’d interviewed him in-depth. It was quite an emotional and nostalgic interview for him because he was describing how it felt to play for England and wear the shirt.

‘It was fascinating to get an insight into what it was like to captain your country at the big tournaments when the expectation is so high back home.’ 


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