Travel Guide: Lagras - Red Dead Redemption 2

25 Oct 2018

An illustrated travel poster for the game Red Dead Redemption 2


A slice of the wild side off the beaten track, Lagras river and its neighbouring surrounds offer something for the traveller weary of city-life.


Welcome to bayou country, partner. Why not unwind on the banks of the Lagras river with a camper chair and a bottle of beer? At night, pitch your tent and pass out under the stars.

This quaint slice of the deep south can be found in Lemoyne County; a place that harks back to a simpler time. Keep one eye out for the 'gators and you'll be able drink in peace. Oh, and don’t mind the treasure hunters toting rifles.

If the ‘gators cause you strife, pop down to nearby Saint Denis and stock up on ammo for your shotgun before making the trip back to your new lodgings.

Welcome to America – the way it used to be.


Things to see in Lagras

The tiny church: despite its small stature, is sure to catch your eye. Crouch to get a better look inside.

The river: Lagras river is a great fishing spot with a bait and tackle shop just across the way. Just be wary of the ‘gators that call the area home.

Saint Denis: Neighbouring Saint Denis is a bustling metropolis where you can grab a bite to eat or chicken out with a real bed. 



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