Travel Guide: Land of the Dead - Grim Fandango

30 Oct 1998

An illustrated poster of a location from the videogame Grim Fandango


When the spectre of our own mortality looms large, there’s always the comfort of the afterlife.


Join us, dearly departed, in the Eighth Underworld. Your first stop will be to the Department of Death in El Marrow, where your appointed travel agent will tell you how you’re going to make the journey to your final resting place - a destination that affords weary souls the chance to finally put their heads down and rest.

But not so fast! You don’t want the fun to be over so soon, do you? Enjoy the Day of the Dead festivities or, if you prefer the fast life, visit the port town of Rubacava, where you can bet your life’s savings on a game of blackjack or enjoy the races at the cat track. It truly is a city that doesn’t discriminate.

Before long, you’ll more than likely be sitting on gambling debts that need paying off. Once those have been settled after several years of graft, the Ninth Underworld awaits. Just make sure you check in with your travel agent before setting off.


Things to see in Land of the Dead

The Department of Death, El Marrow: The Department of Death (DOD) is responsible for harvesting souls in the Land of the Living. Vacancies are always open and commission for new sales agents is excellent.

The Blue Casket, Rubacava: Open mic nights at the Blue Casket are great fun. Just don’t get talking to the beatnik revolutionaries.

Feline Meadows, Rubacava: The cat track is surely one of the first things you need to check out when you get to Rubacava. Take a bet and watch the giant cats streak down the track to the cheers of the crowd in attendance. 

Day of the Dead celebrations: If you’re around on the Day of the Dead (beginning October 31 – November 2), catch the celebrations in El Marrow. A carnival atmosphere and festivities await.




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