LDN Muscle training hacks for the Race to the Stones

Prepping for the Race to the Stones ultramarathon? Get some top tips from top personal trainers, LDN Muscle…

20 Jun 2017

Fitness experts don’t come much more inspirational than the Exton Twins and Bridger brothers who form LDN Muscle.Their fitness empire encompasses everything from guides, blogs and videos to clothing and supplements. 

Who better to help you prepare for the gruelling Race to the Stones 2017?LDN MUSCLE

What is the Race to the Stones?

An ultra-marathon voted Best Endurance Event in the UK (Running Awards 2016). The 100km course follows The Ridgeway ­– an ancient path that starts atop the Chilterns and winds through the North Wessex Downs, passing by castles and Bronze Age monuments.


How to prepare – LDN Muscle style

We asked the boys at LDN Muscle for their top tips for prepping for the race in a series of short videos. 

‘In the run up to the race, it’s more important than ever to be focused physically, mentally and nutritionally,’ says co-founder James Exton.


Coffee and smoothies

Those brave enough to take on the Race to the Stones will attempt to run 100km through the English countryside. It’s not called an endurance event for nothing.

‘With endurance-based events, nutrition is so important; anything past 2 hours and you’ve got to take in the right food,’ says Lloyd Bridger from LDN Muscle.

So what can you do to ensure you’re ready? Lloyd points to two examples: smoothies and coffee.

‘I like to have coffee before my training, usually 45 minutes before,’ he explains.

‘That caffeine hit helps increase fat metabolism so if you’re doing low carbohydrate availability training that’s good practice for when you’re going to be running those longer distances with less carbohydrate available.’ 

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Perhaps less surprising is Lloyd’s recommendation of a pre-training smoothie.

‘Smoothies are great because you can get loads of nutrients in a really small drink,’ he explains.

‘You can take it on the go with you, you can have it before a training session and not feel really weighed down.’

Everything from kale and blueberries to nuts and seeds can be pulverized into a nutritious smoothie with the NutriBullet.


Get more from your training

Whether it’s a 100km or 10km event, it can be hard to stay motivated when training. Max Bridger at LDN Muscle recommends fitness tech to track your progress. 

‘A fitness tracker is a great way to see how hard you’re actually working and how far you’re running,’ he says.

Music can be a great motivator too ­­– a ‘good soundtrack, good beats,’ says Max.

Music is 'a great way to get through the really hard days – those days where you might not feel like running, or the weather might be bad.' 

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In the gym and on the circuit

A mixture of gym and circuit training is recommended.

‘Within the gym, building up strength through the core, joints and stability is really important,’ says Max. But he adds that training outside with the right equipment is also really important.

Check out how the Wareable tech team tested fitness tech for their Race to the Stones training walk:


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