Level up your PS5 play with the Sony A85 OLED TV

A power combo of clever tech, vibrant colour and pinpoint sound make for an amazing gaming TV!

18 Nov 2020

Can't wait to turn your PS5 on for the first time and get gaming? Then to make the most of this magic moment, you need a TV that is up to the task. Look no further than the Sony A85!



OLED is transforming the way we watch, browse and play. From pocket-sized phones all the way up to giant, wallpaper-thin TVs. Where traditional LED screens rely on a backlight that shines onto colour filters to recreate images, OLED pixels emit their own light and can produce any colour. So, no backlight. That means TVs are getting thinner and the picture ever closer to studio quality.

And because Sony are behind the PS5, the new A85 OLED is the perfect gaming TV. Let’s find out why:


One slate design

Not every big picture needs a big frame around it. While the lack of backlighting allows the TV to be super-thin, the A85’s ultra-narrow bezels keep you fully engrossed in the game – no distractions. The screen goes right to the edges, offering a much bigger display in a smaller frame. Whether you place it on the wall or on a TV unit, it’ll fit right in with your decor - thanks to its compact, subtle style.


The screen is the speaker

Imagine loading up your fave RPG and getting lost in the world. The visual action takes place right the way across the screen, so why doesn’t the sound match it?

Until now, backlighting has meant that TVs have been forced to place the speaker unit below the screen or to the sides. That’s all changing though, as Sony’s new Acoustic Surface Audio technology matches picture with sound in a way we’ve never seen before.

The A85’s screen vibrates to create sound that matches what’s happening on screen, exactly where it happens. So if someone's creeping up on your left to try a cheeky flanking move, you'll be first to know!

But it’s not just about the big moments. Even plot-driving dialogue scenes sound as if you’re sitting right there with the characters. It’s a real game-changer.


Bundles of detail

The latest next-gen games give you jaw-dropping visuals, so you'll want a picture that can show them at their best.

At the heart of the A85 is the powerful X1 Ultimate processor. While OLED pixels deliver the most accurate colours and deep blacks, the processor adds another layer of realism to all your games. And if you're web slinging across New York, its pixel-boosting skills puts you right in the game. And there’s some very clever tech that boosts depth and texture by analysing the colour of each object on the screen as they appear. Combine that with 4K power and gaming nights have never looked better!

No need to fiddle with the brightness settings once you’ve drawn the curtains. The A85’s light sensor recognises how bright or dark the room is and adjusts the screen brightness for the perfect picture. Just switch it on, grab your controller, and let battle commence!

When it comes to fast-paced gaming action, the X1 keeps every player, character and movement razor sharp and bursting with detail. X-Motion Clarity controls moving images in real time, so they don’t disappear in a blur. Track the movement of that rocket free kick as it flies into the top corner, or stay focused on the heroes as the battle rages all around.  

And it’s not only about brand new games. Want to give your PS4 faves a spin? The X1 Ultimate can upscale almost any picture, no matter what resolution.  So, dig out those classics and experience every little detail like never before.


Seriously smart

It takes the hassle out of searching through your games library too. Using the Android platform, the A85 is as easy and intuitive to use as your phone or tablet. You’ll find almost any game you’re looking for in seconds.

Ready player? Find your perfect PS5 Sony A85 OLED.


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