LG reveals the world's thinnest TV

A TV as thin as 4 credit cards, another launching in 8K, and a fridge that becomes transparent when you knock. Find out more about LG's latest innovations from CES...

06 Jan 2016

A TV as thin as 4 credit cards, another launching in 8K, and a fridge that becomes transparent when you knock. Find out more about LG's latest innovations launched at CES...

At 2.57mm thick, LG’s latest 4K OLED TV is now the thinnest TV in the world. It’s as thin as the glass in a picture frame or 4 credit cards to be more precise. While LG’s first 8K TV will go on sale later in 2016.

Find out more about LG’s latest TV and home appliance innovations launched at this year’s consumer electronics show...


1. The Signature paper-thin 4K UHD Premium OLED TV

(Credit: Associated Press)

LG’s OLED newest TVs let viewers experience ‘a black as black as the North Pole night sky’ according to LG at CES. Their latest LG OLED TVs will be able to display 1bn different colours to create the richest images yet. Yes, that really is 1bn.

LG has been at the forefront of developing organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) technology in recent years which creates incredibly vibrant colours using the contrast of absolute black.

How? OLED technology doesn’t need a back-lit TV panel to provide light to the screen. Designers also streamlined key features and placed its speakers in its stand. The result is a super-thin TV with a transparent glass back which LG calls ‘Picture-On-Glass’ according to The Verge  


2. The super UHD 8K TV

The heat is on between the big manufacturers to develop 8K TVs, despite the fact there’s hardly any 8K programmes being made yet. So while you may be able to buy a whopping 98” LG 8K TV later this year, it’ll take a little time before you’ll be able to regularly enjoy 8K programmes on it.

How? LG are still working on it.


3. The HD OLED TV that rolls up like a newspaper

Nothing on the box? Soon you might be able to roll that TV right up and stick it in a drawer until there’s something on the telly you want to watch. Think about how you could use all that corner space in your living room in the meantime.

How? It’s that clever OLED technology again. You can roll up LG’s 18” prototype but you can’t fold it. LG are aiming to create flexible screens up to at least 55”, according to the BBC


4. The see-through Signature fridge that opens its door

(credit: Associated Press)

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The LG Signature fridge that goes transparent when you knock on its door. In a rush? No more wasting time opening the fridge door to see how much milk you have left. Just knock and you know. It also has an automatic sensor which will open the door for you if you’re in front of it with armfuls of shopping.

How? The tech behind this one is yet to be revealed but thankfully the door sensor is able to tell the difference between you and your dog or cat so there will be no nocturnal fridge raids from any favourite fluffy friends.


5. The rest of the smart Signature range

LG Signature range

LG’s new streamlined, design-led range of high-end products includes a front-loading washing machine with 2 drums. So if you have a large family or a team sports kit to wash you’ll soon be able to run 2 loads at once with this new minimalist washing machine.

Or if you live in a polluted area or have an asthmatic in the family then LG’s new air purifier uses different colours to indicate the concentration levels of super-fine dust particles as it purifies.

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