Make laundry days less of a headache with Samsung AddWash™

Losing control of your laundry basket? Show it who’s boss with a machine that tackles forgotten T-shirts and socks.

17 Jul 2017

Being in charge of the family laundry is a thankless and never-ending task. The last thing you need is your washing machine working against you as well.

Samsung’s latest technologies are making laundry days less stressful. See how you can handle 5 common laundry gripes with the Addwash™

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1. Leave no sock behind

We’ve all been there: you carry a bundle of clothes to the washing machine, load them in the drum and start the cycle. Then you notice a lone sock or a stray T-shirt on the floor just as the machine’s filling up with water.

Samsung’s solution...

AddWash™ machines have a small hatch in the door which lets you add any forgotten clothes – just hit the pause button and the door will open automatically.Add wash

And it’s not just socks and smalls. You can add larger items like jeans and jumpers, or maximise your load at the last-minute when you need to add in the shirt from your back!  


2. Say goodbye to scratchy sheets

You’ve just popped your bed linen in for its weekly wash – but forgotten to add the fabric softener. Disaster. There’s no time to run the cycle again if you want to have them dry tonight, so now you’re stuck with scratchy sheets for the rest of the week.

Samsung’s solution… Add detergent mid-cycle*

Simply open the door and add the softener while the sheets are mid-cycle. Hello freshly laundered bed.


3. Sunday night and no clean shirts

Sunday night has (once again) come around too quickly. You’ve been running around after the kids all weekend and the pile of work shirts is still at the bottom of the laundry basket.

It’s too late to get them washed and dried for the morning. Prepare to seriously test the boundaries of the smart-casual office dress code. 

Samsung’s solution… Samsung Super Speed

Quick washes often mean lacklustre cleaning power. With the Samsung Super Speed setting you can be sure of a deep clean in under an hour. It achieves the same cleaning results as a longer cycle, with powerful jets of water rinsing away detergent.


4. Never forget a laundry load again

Putting a load of washing on overnight makes the most of cheaper power. But when you’re rushing around in the morning, it’s easy to forget about the wash, so your freshly cleaned clothes are left to go fusty in your machine all day.

Samsung’s solution… Get an alert to your smartphone**

You don't have to keep checking the machine or even forget that you put on a wash. Once the wash cycle has finished, the app will notify you.Samsung AddWash Smart features

With the smartphone app you can also check how long a wash has left when you’re not home and add delicates towards the end of the cycle.


5. Keep up with laundry demands

Gym kits, school uniforms, towels and bed linen – it feels like every day is laundry day. You want an efficient washing machine that can stand up to everything your laundry basket throws at it.

Samsung’s solution… Save energy and time with Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology.


How does Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology work?

It pre-mixes air, water and detergent before it enters the drum. This dissolved detergent creates frothy bubbles which get into stains much faster.

Plus, Digital Inverter motors mean Samsung ecobubble™ machines have a longer-lasting performance. And they’re known for running quietly, so you won’t be disturbed if you put a load on before bed.

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