Meet the Google Pixel 4a

It’s a new Google phone, at a great price.

17 Sep 2020

The new Google Pixel 4a has arrived, and we like the look of it. A lot. It’s less expensive than a flagship, but don’t worry - it’s still packed with all the things you love doing on a phone. Here’s a round up of the features that impressed us the most.



Take incredible photos

The Pixel 4a camera has HDR+, Night Sight and an awesome portrait mode. You’ll be able to take photos like a pro, day and night.

HDR+ is a clever piece of camera tech that automatically adjusts the colour and lighting in your photo so that it looks it best. So you won’t need to spend ages on Instagram filters to get that perfect shot.

Night Sight has been a key feature on Pixel cameras from day one. Use it to take clear pictures in the dark without a flash. The results have to be seen to believed, because it picks up detail you’ve got no chance of seeing with your naked eye.

Portrait mode lets you add an artistic blur to backgrounds, giving your shots a studio quality look and feel. And sharing your photos couldn’t be easier – or quicker. You can send photos right from the viewfinder of your Pixel camera to your favourite social feeds.


Keep going with the Adaptive Battery

The Adaptive Battery on the Pixel 4a is a clever thing. It quickly learns what your favourite apps are, and reduces power to the ones that you rarely use. This all helps to keep you doing the things you love for longer – all day, in fact. And with Quick Charge, you can get back up to speed in no time at all.


Make your life easier with Google Assistant

Google Assistant just keeps getting better and better, and it really does help to make your daily tasks that little bit simpler. Use it to send texts, get directions to a mate’s house, or set yourself a reminder to buy a pint of milk on the way home from work. All you have to do is say, “Hey Google.”


Stay safe and secure

Pixel 4a is a phone that works hard to keep you and your stuff safe and secure. The custom Titan M security chip gives you superhero levels of security, protecting your operating system and sensitive data 24/7. You’ll also get regular security updates for even more peace of mind. These happen automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger or set any reminders. And they just keep coming -you’ll get them for at least three years.


Pre-order your Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a isn’t just packed with features - it’s also great to look at, with its 5.8" Full HD+ AMOLED display and classic Google design. It’s available in ‘Just Black’ (we love these Google colour names).

Fancy making the 4a your next phone? Pre-order it from Currys today.


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