Meet two new Microsoft laptops. Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2

Microsoft’s amazing new devices have landed…

15 Jun 2020

Are you looking for a new laptop to tackle new projects, get creative, work from home or keep yourself entertained? Then we’ve got some big news. Microsoft has just released two new Surface laptops – next-generation computers designed to help you work, create and play. Let’s take a closer look.


Surface Book 3 – a real powerhouse

This is the fastest and most powerful Surface laptop yet. So yes, it’s going to be able to handle anything you can throw at it. It’s actually more than 50% faster than the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 (which was no slouch), with quad-core powered 10th Gen Intel Core processors running the show. It makes editing complex documents and large video files a breeze, and there’s no lag or waiting around to get things done - even if you’re multi-tasking. It’s all speedy and super smooth.

Achieve all you want
The Surface Book 3 is part of Microsoft’s Achieve range. It’s all about putting the latest tech right at your fingertips, to help you power through lots of work and bring your big ideas to life whenever inspiration strikes. It makes it easy to get things done.

Three versatile modes
This is one of Microsoft’s most versatile devices ever, with a robust laptop, powerful tablet and portable studio all in one.

Laptop mode lets you get productive with a full keyboard and large, responsive trackpad. And of course, you’ve also got the option of navigating naturally on the touchscreen. It’s perfect for serious stuff where you need to do lots of typing, like presentations, school projects and working from home.

Detach the keyboard and your Surface Book 3 becomes a thin, light and powerful tablet that’s made for entertainment. Tablet mode also shows off the rear 8 MP camera, so you’ll be able to take high-resolution pictures, give them a quick edit, and then share them on social in a flash.

And then there’s Studio mode. Buy a Surface Pen and you’ll be able to get creative, writing and drawing at natural angles with the help of the built-in kickstand.

Game on!

Want to kick back at the end of the day and do some gaming? Then pair your Xbox wireless controller* with the Surface Book 3 and dive into games like Microsoft Flight Simulator – even though it’s one of the most complex and graphic intensive games around, the Surface Book 3 runs it without breaking a sweat. With the best graphics of any Surface laptop, the Book 3 is the ultimate gaming machine.

Power through the day
You’ll be able to keep going all day long with up to 17.5 hours of battery life (based on typical usage). That’s the longest battery life of any Surface ever, just in case you were wondering. There’s also an improved standby feature that stops any power being needlessly used when you’re away from the laptop. It all adds up.

Buy the Microsoft Surface Book 3 256GB here.

If you’d like to double up on memory, buy the Microsoft Surface Book 3 512GB here.


Surface Go 2 – versatile and portable

If you can’t quite decide between a tablet or a laptop, the Surface Go 2’s versatile design gives you the best of both worlds. Use it as a laptop and it can handle every to-do item throughout your day. You can write down ideas, tackle homework, create and practice presentations.

Or attach a Type Cover (you’ll need to buy this separately) and it becomes a laptop for serious work and study. The Type Cover comes in Ice Blue, Poppy Red, Platinum and Black, and gives you a great typing experience when and where you need it.

Buy your Surface Go 2 Type Cover here

And don’t forget, you’ve also got the option to buy a Surface Pen and write straight onto the screen. Think of it as another mode that lets you quickly jot down notes, draw up plans or get arty and creative!

Perfectly portable design
The Surface Go 2 is Microsoft’s smallest and lightest laptop, so it’s perfectly portable. With a 10.5-inch display, you’ll be able to slip it into your bag and take it anywhere with you. And it only weighs 554g (not including the Type Cover), so it won’t weight you down.

Seamless, safe, and secure
And finally, sharing Surface Go 2 with your family is seamless and secure, with parent-managed screen time limits, spending control, and content filtering.

Buy the Microsoft Surface Go 2 64GB here.

If you want even more memory for all your apps, videos and files, buy the Microsoft Surface Go 2 128GB here.


* This feature is available in the UK and other selected countries.

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