Microsoft finally unveils the new Xbox Series X

Got your heart set on Microsoft’s next generation console? Here’s everything we know about Series X so far…

09 Jan 2020

Here at Tech Talk, we love the build-up to a new console release. The fan-made mock-ups of what the console might look like, the rumoured specs and games that’ll be available on launch. The excitement is real.

At the Game Awards in December 2019, Microsoft teased gamers with an official trailer and image of the new console, as well as number of confirmed features. Here’s what we know about Xbox Series X  so far:


Project Scarlett = Xbox Series X

One of the first things that was revealed about Microsoft’s new console was, of course, its official name. Initially codenamed ‘Project Scarlett’, head of Xbox Phil Spencer unveiled the name ‘Xbox Series X’ at the 2019 Game Awards.

While  it sounds similar to the Xbox One X, the new instalment looks set to revolutionise console gaming and close the gap with gaming PCs.  


What does the Xbox Series X look like?

The new addition to the Xbox series bucks the trend of traditional, horizontal box console designs that we’re used to. In fact, the Series X looks aesthetically closer to a compact gaming PC than any games console we’ve seen before. With its upright tower shape, it’ll certainly add a touch of style to your entertainment centre.

Just like the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X will sport a minimalist all-black finish upon release, but there’s a good chance there’ll be more colour options and skins later on.

As for the controller, the image Microsoft has released appears to show a very similar controller design to the Xbox One – so a familiar feel for Xbox fans.

The major development is a brand-new share button, which is great if you love showing off your heroic victories. Microsoft have also confirmed that they’ll be refining the size and shape of the controller, so you can expect a more streamlined, ergonomic feel. 


What about specs?

There’s still a long way to go before we have all the information about the new Xbox. However, what we can reveal is that the Series X is set to be twice as powerful as the premium Xbox One X, using a custom-designed processor by AMD. The goal is for gamers to be able to play any next-gen game in 4K Ultra HD at a consistent FPS, but the Xbox Series X will also be able to handle 8K.


What are the graphics like?

You might also want to consider treating yourself to a gaming monitor too, as the Series X will also run games at a super-smooth 120 Hz. Most TVs have a 50/60 Hz refresh rate, so a gaming monitor may be required to enjoy all the benefits of next-gen console gaming.

Either way, you’ll want a minimum 4K resolution screen to fully immerse yourself in the gorgeous visuals. Plus, with ray-tracing technology confirmed, lifelike reflections and shadows will add an extra layer of realism to your gameplay.


Super-fast storage

As well as a snappy processor to take on huge open world online games, the Xbox Series X is the first console to feature a solid-state drive instead of hard disk storage. Translation: your games will be able to load in a fraction of the time. You’ll also be able to save checkpoints and achievements faster than ever before.


What games can we expect on launch?

There are a few games that are rumoured for release on Xbox Series X this year, but only one is confirmed for launch day so far: Halo Infinite.


It’s been five years since the last instalment of the space-themed shooter, Halo 5: Guardians. The Halo series has long been a favourite for Xbox gamers, but this outing will be slightly different to its predecessors.

It’s being built on a completely new engine, Slipspace, and follows on directly from the story in Guardians. We’ll also see the long-awaited return of split-screen multiplayer, which has been sorely missed by fans and will certainly put the fun and tension back into group gaming sessions.

While the secrets of Slipspace are being kept firmly under wraps, the graphics look set to be leagues ahead of anything we’ve seen from the Halo series before. We can’t wait!


Don’t put those old Xbox games into storage just yet

So, you’ve built up a huge collection of games that you still love diving back into from time to time. Not to worry, as the Xbox Series X features a good old-fashioned disc drive that offers backwards compatibility with Xbox One games. So, if there’s a first-person shooter or open world adventure you’ve yet to try, you can still get stuck in.

As for old accessories like your headset and external hard drive, well, they’re all compatible too. There’s no need to buy the same accessories for next-gen, and it means you can even play the games you already have on your hard drive straight away.

That’s all we can tell you for now! Can’t wait for more? Head to the Xbox Series X page on Currys and register your interest to hear the latest Xbox news first!

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