Our gift guide for phone fans

From flagships to essential accessories, we’ve got some great gift ideas.

16 Nov 2021

Still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for someone? Then think about phones. We’ve got lots of accessories to help someone get the most out of their current mobile. Or you can go one better and get them a shiny new one!


Google Pixel 6

There’s a lot to love about the Google Pixel 6, especially the all-new camera system. Pixel phones are famous for having great cameras, and this is the best one yet. So, if you’re buying for someone that’s into their Instagram in a big way, they’ll love getting one of these in their stocking.

The big standout feature is anti-blurring. If they capture a moment when a face in the background is blurred, the clever editing software automatically picks out a moment when it was in focus. And we love the Magic Eraser too, which lets you remove innocent passers-by and unwanted photobombers from the background of snaps.


iPhone 13

Are you buying for someone with an older iPhone? Then treat them to this year’s iPhone 13. When it comes to shooting videos there’s a new Cinematic mode, which we absolutely love. Start shooting a video, and the focus automatically shift with the action on screen. It can even anticipate when a new object is about to move into shot. Really clever stuff.

There are three other phones in this series: iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you’re not sure which one would make the best gift, have a read of: Which iPhone 13 is right for you?


Motorola Edge 20 Lite

The Motorola Edge 20 Lite is a great all-round phone, with a sharp 6.7-inch HDR10+ OLED display that’s perfect for watching blockbuster movies and playing all those epic mobile games on. For festive fun, get the whole family involved with the ‘Ready For’ feature. It lets you connect the phone to your TV wirelessly, play games, make video calls, and interact with apps on the big screen.


Oppo A54 5G

The 5G ready Oppo A54 is amazing value. It’s priced like a budget phone but packed with lots of features you’d expect to find in much more expensive flagships. There’s an AI quad camera, a powerful processor for seamless streaming, and a mega battery – big enough to keep going all day and night.


Now some awesome accessories to go with their phone…

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A great gift for someone who’s always on the go. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 they can get the most out of being at work, hitting the gym, then heading to a night out with friends. They can use it to pick up calls and messages, track loads of different fitness stats and activities from running to swimming, check their general wellness, and pay for drinks and meals. Oh, and it tells the time.


Apple Watch SE

If they like giving lots of activities a go, Apple Watch SE could be the gift for them.  It’s packed with advanced sensors that can now track new workouts like tai chi and pilates, along with faves like running, swimming, and yoga. And if they’re into hiking up serious slopes, they’ll get a lot of mileage from the built-in compass and real-time elevation readings.


Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Do they need some buds to go with their Pixel… or any phone, laptop or tablet? Then take a look at Pixel Buds A-Series. They deliver high-quality sound, clear calls, and Google Assistant in a stylish flush-to-ear design. They’re quick-charging too - just 15 minutes is all it takes to get up to 3 hours of juice.


Gear4 mobile phone cases

Made from the same material as military-grade body armour, every Gear4 mobile phone case will protect their phone from drops of up to 4m. So there’s no need for them to worry about knocks and bumps. No matter how clumsy or butter-fingered they are.


Invisible Shield screen protectors

Keep scratches away with Invisible Shield screen protectors. And they’ll even keep germs away too, thanks to their anti-microbial protection. That means no more nasty germs getting from fingers to face while they use their phone. And for extra peace of mind, there’s a limited lifetime warranty.


Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger

Here’s a great gift for Apple fans. If they’ve got a load of their kit, this Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger can charge their iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at once – saving them a ton of socket space.


Griffin wireless charging pad

They’ll be able to charge up the phone in next to no time with the superfast Griffin wireless charging pad. There’s no fiddling with cables or wires. Just pop the phone on the pad and the charging begins. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’re giving a gift that lasts.


Belkin wireless charging speaker

If they’re always on their phone, and we mean always, grab one of these Belkin wireless charger stand with Bluetooth speaker. This great all-in-one device lets them use their phone to play music or take calls, even when it’s charging. And with up to 10W of charging power, thet’ll be back up to speed in no time at all.


Belkin Rise true wireless headphones

These Belkin Rise headphones are awesome for on-the-go calls - with two mics in each ear so they’ll always be heard crystal clear. And with an IPX5 water resistance rating, they’ll stay safe rain or shine. They won’t need to worry about running out of battery either, with 7 hours charge in each bud and 24 hours of backup power in the charging case.


Looking for more gift ideas?

If you’d like more help picking the best mobile stocking fillers, chat to a ShopLive tech expert. They’ll give you buying advice and even help you check out when you’ve made your choice.

Call it in this Christmas!

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