Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV? Which streaming service is right for you?

Golden Globe-winning TV or top-flight football? Streaming with benefits or Sky movies? Whether you’re Netflix curious or seeking Netflix alternatives our guide will find your streaming dream date…

21 Mar 2017


Netflix is the biggest name in streaming. With millions of Brit subscribers and box-set binge part of our lingo, it’s changed how we watch TV. And its Golden Globe-winning original programming is redefining how TV is made. 


What about Netflix original programming?

There’s loads. The biggest recent hits are Golden Globe-winning The Crown; prison drama Orange is the New Black; 80s homage Stranger Things and political drama House of Cards.

What else can you watch on Netflix?

Loads of stuff. It’s better for box-sets, documentaries, kids’ TV and classic/cult movies. Newer movies are slower to make it to Netflix UK.


Is it on my TV?

You’ll likely have the Netflix app built-in if you have a Smart TV. The app is also on streaming sticks like Chromecast.


Is it iPad friendly?

Yes. There’s an app for iPad/iPhone and Android, and also for PS4 and Xbox One.


What about 4K and HDR?

Yes. Netflix now offers 10 times as much 4K content as when it first began streaming in the resolution – including Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. You need the Premium membership though.



Yes, depending on your membership. With a Premium account you can watch up to 4 screens at the same time – ThinkTV, iPad, smartphone.


Watch offline?



How much?

Standard £7.49 (HD, 2 screens) Premium £8.99 (HD and 4K, 4 screens).


How do I get started?

Setting up is easy – and you get the first month free. Pick your plan and away you go 



Amazon Prime

Amazon Instant Video is Netflix’s biggest rival. It’s part of Amazon Prime, so when you sign up you also get loads of other Amazon goodies such as free delivery and music streaming.


Original programming?

Again, loads. Dystopian drama The Man in the High Castle, historic epic Vikings and Top Gear replacement The Grand Tour are a few of the best.

What else to watch?

Amazon trumps Netflix here with over 150,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries and kids’ TV shows. You can rent or buy more recent movies for a one-off cost.


Is it on my TV?

You’re likely to have the Amazon Instant Video app built in if you have a Smart TV. The app is also on streaming sticks like Amazon Fire TV.


Is it iPad friendly?

Yes. There are apps available for iPad/iPhone and Android. Amazon Fire TV (of course) and also PS4 and Xbox One.


What about 4K and HDR?

Yes, but not to the same level as Netflix. The Man in the High Castle is among the 4K offering.


Watch offline?



Anything else?

You also get free one-day delivery for anything you order on Amazon.


How much?

£7.99 per month


How do I get started?

Setting up is simple – particularly if you already shop with Amazon. And you get a free 30 day trial 



Now TV

Sports and movie fans will love Sky’s streaming option. It gives you access to top-flight football on Sky Sports or the latest movies on Sky Cinema without tying you into an annual Sky contract.

Now TV

What to watch?

The passes are split into 3 areas: Entertainment, Movies and Sport. You can enjoy…

  • Hit US shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld on Sky Atlantic with the Entertainment Pass
  • Top-flight football and motor racing with the Sky Sports Pass
  • Movies that appear much sooner than on Netflix/Amazon with the Sky Cinema Pass


Is it on my TV?

Yes, if you have a Samsung or LG Smart TV. If not, you can get it on the Now TV box or Chromecast.


Is it iPad friendly?

Yes. You can download the app for iPad/iPhone or Android, and also for your PS4 or Xbox One.


What about 4K and HDR?



Watch offline?

No – it’s streaming only.


How much?

Entertainment Pass £6.99 (per month), Sky Cinema Pass £9.99 (per month) Sky Sports Pass £6.99 (per day).


Find the perfect TV for your next movie night or box-set binge 

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