Nikon and Sony at The Photography Show 2016

We got hands-on with some of the most exciting new camera kit from Nikon and Sony at The Photography Show 2016…

22 Mar 2016

From accessories to the latest cameras, The Photography Show in Birmingham had something for everyone who enjoys life through a lens. No matter whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, or if you preferred wildlife to wedding photography, there was something for everyone at the show. 

We caught up with Nikon and Sony to take a look at their most exciting new cameras.

What's new from Nikon

We were keen to take a look at Nikon’s flagship D5 camera, and it didn’t disappoint. This pro-level full frame camera is reassuringly heavy and you can feel how sturdy the magnesium alloy body’s build quality is. It’s water sealed, and clearly designed for high-end day in, day out use.

This is a professional camera, and you’d be right to expect great things from such top-end kit. For starters, the expandable ISO ranges all the way up to 3,280,000 meaning the camera can practically shoot in the dark.

The camera is incredibly fast, too. You can shoot up to 12 fps, and the auto focus system measures 153 points across your image, using 99 cross type sensors. Nikon state this is their “fastest, most accurate AF system yet”.

We then took a look at the D500. Aimed at the enthusiast, this DX format camera is an upgrade from the D300S and has many features in common with the D5.

For a start, you still have the 153 point auto focus and the ability to shoot 4K video. The 20.9 megapixel DX format sensor also features an EXPEED 5 image processor, letting the camera be faster and more responsive so you can shoot up to 10 fps.

The expandable ISO doesn’t quite reach the heights of the D5, “only” going as high as 1,640,000, but this is still more than enough to still produce rich images in low light conditions.

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What's new from Sony

Sony was proud to show us their new a6300 camera. Although it may look similar to the older a6000, this new CSC packs some seriously impressive upgrades that make it ideal for anyone shooting sport or fast action.

For a start, the camera has a staggering 425 AF points, with 85% coverage across the image – much more than many other cameras. The auto focus is also extremely fast – Sony claim it’s the world’s fastest – and it’s especially good for tracking moving subjects. You have 7.5 times the AF coverage density of the a6000, meaning tracking is more precise and reliable.

The camera is also superb for shooting 4K video, sharing some features with Sony’s professional level broadcast cameras. For example, Sony claim the picture quality is the equivalent of 6K.

If you’ve used the a6000, this camera will be very familiar to you. It’s designed to be a natural progression, with features and controls in a similar place so your hands move to them naturally. For those who regularly shoot moving subjects, this is well worth considering.

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