Travel Guide: Nuketown - Call of Duty

12 Oct 2018

An illustrated travel poster of a scene from Nuketown in Call of Duty


This nuclear testing facility might be light on comfortable amenities…but it’s full of drama.


Chernobyl not spicy enough for you? Why not try Nuketown? It not only offers the threat of nuclear fallout, it’s a warzone too! Bullets zing and zip across the terrain, and the compact geography means you’ll get a great view of the action from any vantage point.

Bed down in one of the two outposts and enjoy functional, utilitarian Eastern Bloc furnishings. If you wake up to the sight of a ghostly figure standing outside your window, don’t be alarmed: the mannequins are harmless.

In the morning, listen to the crunch of your boots on the freshly-packed snow, while posing for photos in front of the Soviet train cars that welcome you to this home away from home. Catch the morning gunfight but find shelter fast. Before long, the nuclear missile comes up and out of the ground and makes its skyward journey to end the day.


Things to see in Nuketown

The Nuketown sign: Nuketown has moved to Russia, something the famous sign makes clear.

The train cars: Nothing says ‘a nuclear testing facility in the middle of Cold War country’ like Soviet-era train cars.

The USSR propaganda posters: Look out for military diagrams and historic memorabilia inside the two outposts.



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