Ones to watch: 6 female streamers we're raving about

Get into streaming with these awesome women gamers.

08 Mar 2021

Streaming. It’s big business in the gaming world. And a huge source of entertainment for committed gaming fans everywhere. But what is it? Streaming is basically where gamers play live for people to watch all over the world, on platforms like Twitch or Stadia. And they’re incredibly fun to watch. Not only do you see and get tips from people who are at the top of their game (literally). But they’re full-on entertainers too, cracking jokes and making brilliant content.

If you’re into gaming you’ve probably heard of big names like PewDiePie or Ninja. But there are a ton of incredible female creators out there too. Gaming isn’t the totally male-dominated world it once was. So we want to give a shout out to some of our favourite female streamers! Give them a watch- you won’t be disappointed.





Twitter: @pokimanelol

No list of women streamers would be complete without Canadian-Morrocan streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. She’s most well known for her League of Legends, Fortnite and Among Us streams. And Poki is one of the biggest streamers out there, winning Shorty’s 2018 Streamer of the Year award. And for good reason. Thanks to her ‘laidback but enthusiastic personality’ and the effort she makes to interact with her followers, Poki is a firm fan favourite.

But she’s had her fair share of backlash too. In 2018 when she went on cam with no makeup, she got a ton of abuse from male fans. But in the process, she kicked off a debate about women and their freedom to be themselves without judgement. Other women and female streamers rallied around to show their support, posting pictures of themselves without makeup. So thanks Poki, for making it clear a women’s appearance is their choice.





Twitter: @Loserfruit

Kathleen Bensten, or Loserfruit, is a Fortnite streamer with some serious clout. Enough to have her own playable character in the game! As well as Fortnite, the Australian streamer plays games like League of Legends, Overwatch and COD. And she often collaborates with other big gamers as part of The Click Crew. Down to earth and really funny, Loserfruit’s streams are a great watch.


Alanah Pearce



Twitter: @charalanahzard

Yes, Alanah Pearce (or Charalanahzard) streams. But she’s also a game developer and writer, voice actor and successful gaming journalist for big names like IGN… not jealous at all. Her YouTube channel is filled with awesome content- from unboxing and reviews to analysis pieces and gameplay streams.

You can also catch her on the Play, Watch, Listen podcast or watch old episodes (she’s left now) of Funhaus- Rooster Teeth’s video gaming and entertainment news YouTube channel.  She knows gaming inside out and talks about it without being preachy or alienating. We can’t recommend her stuff enough.





Twitter: @lomadia

Hannah Rutherford aka Lomadiah is, according to her Twitch bio, ‘a salty cat wench that loves gardening and getting angry at videogames’. And we think that gives you a pretty good flavour of her quirky, laugh-out-loud streaming style. With the occasional interruption from her cat Libby, Lomadiah plays a ton of different games, from small indies to big AAA titles. So there’s something there for everyone!





Twitter: @Loeya

Swedish streamer Loeya is one of the most watched streamers on Twitch. Plus, she has a ton of YouTube subscribers too, where you can watch some of her best gameplay moments. She’s made her name playing games like The Sims, Counterstrike and Minecraft for her ‘Loeyalists’ or fans. Her main focus is Fortnite though- and she’s incredible to watch. Not only does she keep it fun and light, but she’s probably one of the best players out there.





Twitter: @itshafu

Rumay “Hafu” Wang’s probably best known for her World of Warcraft, Among Us and Hearthstone streams. And Hafu doesn’t just stream, she also plays esports competitively- like with Teamfights Tactics where she’s a member of the G2 Esports team. But one of the things that makes Hafu stand out is her willingness to speak up about some of the issues with gaming culture. She’s a true advocate for women gamers and isn’t afraid to speak her mind about the challenges she’s faced in a sometimes misogynistic arena. And making gaming more inclusive can only be a good thing!


Of course, there are so many more amazing female streamers we could mention. And we definitely think you should check out a few more! But these women are a great place to start.

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