Oscar-worthy home cinema tech as picked by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

The Oscars have given us a nod as to the films we should be watching this year - and we´ve teamed up with What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision to make that home cinema experience even sharper...

28 Feb 2014

The Oscars have given us a nod as to the films we should be watching in the coming months. The 86th Academy Awards celebrated the biggest films and actors of the past 12 months in Los Angeles on Sunday.

In case you haven't seen the Awards already, we won't spoil it by blurting the results, but when you get round to watching the winning flicks on your TV, you'll want to make sure you have the right home cinema set-up to do the movies justice.

So we hooked up with the guys at What Hi-Fi? magazine to ask them for their picks for folk wanting to make the home movie experience that little bit slicker.

Andy Clough, Editor-in-Chief at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, picked out a sound bar, Blu-ray player and home cinema system worthy of your attention.


Blu-ray player - Sony BDP-S4100

What Hi -Fi Logo

Want to make the most of your HD TV and see the planets and stars truly sparkle in Gravity?

The Sony BDP-S4100 Blu-ray player will give you a "punchy, vibrant natural picture" and "agile sound", as well as looking like something from the set of Gravity with its futuristic design.  

What Hi-Fi? says: "If you already have a high-definition TV, then make the most of its HD capability by upgrading your DVD player to Blu-ray.

"You don't need to spend a fortune: Sony's Award-winning BDP-S4100 has great all-round ability and some nice features for well under £100, making it a top budget buy."

For the full review, click here.


Soundbar - LG NB4530A

LG Sound Bar

Want supersonic sound to match the super-sharp picture on your flat-screen TV? You need a soundbar. A sound bar is a sleek, rectangle-shaped box stuffed with speakers. If your TV is on the wall, it can sit just below it.

Whether American Hustle, Gravity or something else entirely picks up Bet Picture, you can be sure your friends will be impressed when watching it at your place with this little number from LG.

What Hi-Fi? picked out the LG NB4530A as a "neat, simple solution" for people wanting to beef up their TV's sound without cluttering up the living room with a home cinema system.  

Andy Clough added: "The LG NB4530A delivers excellent sound from a remarkably slim soundbar, at an affordable price."

For the full review, click here.


All-in-one home cinema system - Sony BDV-N7100W

Sony BDV N7100

Love the idea of a full-blown surround sound system but can't be bothered with researching and buying each gadget separately? Then you need a home cinema system.

The What Hi-Fi? editor has picked out the Sony BDV-N7100W - which was named best cinema system at the magazine's annual awards.   

In the box you get a 3D Blu-ray player and a 5:1 surround speaker package, with What Hi-Fi? calling it "a fantastic all-in-one system that delivers excellent picture, sound and a variety of streaming features".

Andy Clough added: "If you want proper surround sound, but without the hassle of buying lots of separate components, then a 'home cinema in a box' is the ideal solution."

For full review, click here.

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