Our guide to the latest 5G smartphones

Ready for super-fast downloads and the timely end of the buffering wheel? These amazing handsets are as speedy as it gets.

06 Apr 2020

5G is set to completely change what we consider to be a ‘fast and responsive phone’. Movies and apps download in seconds, sharing videos on WhatsApp is instantaneous, and gaming against friends is totally lag free.

And those are just a few of the benefits for phones. 5G will go much further than that. Transport, telemedicine, and virtual reality are just a few of the arenas where it has incredible potential.

Already, many networks are rolling out 5G coverage across the country, promising unbeatable responsiveness, higher quality phone calls and a new benchmark in app loading times. So, which 5G phone should you get to step up your connectivity? Here’s our guide to the latest 5G phones:

Samsung S20 range

The Samsung S20 range features three gorgeous looking phones, the S20, S20+  S20 Ultra and they’ve all got incredible 5G connectivity. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

Samsung S20
Make no mistake, this is a seriously powerful handset. While 5G makes all your online activity, from loading a web page to streaming a movie incredibly quick, the S20 gets a bigger power boost from its octa-core processor and whopping 12GB of RAM.

Put simply, it doesn’t matter how big the task you’re trying to accomplish is, the S20 will get it done. Fast.

That screen is pretty glorious too. The Infinity O display with its pinhole-style selfie camera means the S20 fits a 6.2-inch screen into a compact handset. It’s a Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED with a stunningly rich colour range, so even those dimly lit scenes of plotting in Game of Thrones appear crystal clear.

If you never miss a good photo opportunity, the S20 nails it first time with a triple camera and 30x zoom. You can pick out the little details in sweeping panoramas and capture cracking portraits that ooze personality.

Oh, and the storage space? 128GB, bundles for all your apps, movies and music. And if you need any more, just add a microSD to get an extra TB.

Samsung S20+
The Samsung S20+ steps things up a gear with a 6.7-inch Infinity O display and 120 Hz refresh rate. That, combined with 5G connectivity, your mates will have a hard time beating you in Call of Duty or Need for Speed. Crank up the graphics settings and you’ll still get buttery-smooth, realistic motion.

You still get the exact same camera setup as the S20: dual wide and Ultra-Wide 12MP lenses and a 64MP telephoto lens with incredible zoom. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shot of the city skyline or a perfect sunset, every photo is postcard perfect.

Don’t forget about the video though. The S20+ can record in futureproof 8K, which is ideal if you love making content to share on your YouTube channel. You can even pick out stills from your 8K footage to really make your work stand out across your social media.

Browsing time gets a boost too, with a slightly bigger battery life than the S20. In fact, it’s got so much power, you can share some with a mate. If your friend’s phone is running low on juice, just top it up with wireless PowerShare.

Samsung S20 Ultra
Where do we start with the S20 Ultra? Well, for one thing, it’s probably got more power than your laptop. It’s the first phone to ever pack 16GB RAM, and the first Samsung phone that runs on the Exynos 990 processor. With that kind of power, and 5G connectivity too, you can forget all about loading bars.

As for the screen, well, you’ll want to save those big season finales specifically for your S20 Ultra. It’s got the same Super AMOLED display with over four times the detail of Full HD, but at 6.9-inches, it’s almost a tablet. That means your hands don’t take up too much of the viewing area, making it ideal for all kinds of gaming.

But above all, it’s the camera on the back of the S20 Ultra that has the real wow factor. There’s a 45MP telephoto lens for detail at a distance and a 12MP Ultra-Wide to capture big family photos. However, the 108MP wide-angle lens makes the gap between phone cameras and professional photographic equipment ever closer.

With that kind of super-sharp detail, you can zoom in, and in, and in. No more graininess to spoil that idyllic landscape shot.


Huawei P40 range

The Huawei P40 range features two handsets with support for 5G: The Huawei P40 and the P40 Pro. Both have the same amount of RAM and the same great processor. So, what’s different?

Huawei P40
The P40 has everything you could ever want in a phone. A big OLED screen, a processor that helps you get it all done faster, and a camera that really helps you hone your photo skills.

Let’s start with the processor. The P40 is powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 990 processor, and it’s undeniably top of the range when it comes to multitasking and smooth responsiveness. Gamers, creatives, remote workers and regular phone users will all find something to love about it. And combined with 5G, it’s virtually unstoppable.

You also get 8GB RAM, which again, is likely to be the same as your laptop. Removing apps from the background to focus power on one task is now a thing of the past. With that kind of memory, you can stream movies in picture-in-picture, and keep the group chat lively at the same time.

It’d be a crime not to mention the P40’s cameras. Combining a 50MP Ultra Vision lens, 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle and 8MP telephoto camera, you’ve got every kind of subject and scene covered. Plus, you can shoot in 4K at an impressive 60fps. That means beautifully smooth playback both on social media and your TV.

Huawei P40 Pro
Looking for that same smooth Huawei experience with a bigger screen and even better camera? The Huawei P40 Pro ticks every box.

As we said before, the Pro version has the same snappy processor and RAM. But as for everything else, the P40 Pro does it all on a bigger scale.

If watching movies on the go is your thing, the 6.58-inch OLED display makes those big action sequences really stand out. It’s got a slightly better resolution than the P40, with bundles of colour and realistic detail.

The cameras get an upgrade, too. You still have that amazing 50MP Wide Angle lens, but you also get a 40MP Cine camera, 12MP telephoto lens and 3D Depth Sensing camera for pro-looking bokeh-effect portraits. And you can still record in 60fps 4K, making your travel footage look practically cinematic.

Don’t worry about storage, either. The Huawei P40 Pro comes with a massive 256GB of room for all your big apps, movies, games and more. And if you do fancy a little more breathing space for your files, you can add another 256GB with a memory card.



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