Our Oculus Quest 2 road test: screen, sound, games

We put the Oculus Quest 2 to the test – what makes this VR system so impressive?

01 Feb 2021

VR’s burst onto the scene once again (pretty spectacularly) with the launch of the Quest 2 – Facebook’s standalone VR system. And, trust us, there’s plenty to shout about. A ton of new features, new games and a more comfortable design. And that’s just for starters.

One of our lucky Currys Tech Experts got the chance to take it for a spin. After putting all those new touches to the test, he had some clear favourites: the brand-new souped up screen, immersive 3D Cinematic Sound and its all in one gaming set up. Let’s take a deeper dive into each of those wow-worthy features.

A resolution revolution

First up is the Quest 2’s screen. It’s the Oculus’s best, most advanced screen yet. Why? Well, the more pixels a screen has, the more detailed the picture. And this stunning display has a mega 50% more pixels than the first Quest. That makes the image in front of you look sharper and more real than ever before. Games, live concerts, hanging out with friends- it feels like you’re there.

And there are a few more brilliant screen adjustments too. The Quest 2 has also massively reduced the ‘screen door effect’. This is where it seems almost like you’re viewing something through a mesh door because you can see the gaps in between pixels. But, since the Quest 2 has even more sub-pixels too, you get a more seamless picture.


Cinema-style sound

With VR you want to be totally immersed, right? You don’t want to just see and move as if you were experiencing your game in real life. You want to hear it too. That’s what 3D Cinematic Sound delivers.

When you pop on the Quest 2 headset, you can actually hear sound coming from the direction it is in-game. It’s easier to react to your enemies, find your allies… and just generally dive headfirst into a new world. Pretty impressive from built-in hidden speakers!

But if you want to put your headphones to good use, you can do that too. 3D Cinematic Sound will also work with compatible headphones. There’s a 3.5mm audio jack for you to plug them in.


One stop gaming shop

This is all in one gaming. No PC, no console, no extra kit or sensors to buy. The Quest 2 comes with everything you need to get stuck into your favourite game. All you’ve got to do is get it set up with your smartphone, connect to the internet and you’re ready to go.

And when it comes to games, Oculus has got the biggest library of VR experiences out there. Fan of the Walking Dead? You can take out the zombie hordes in The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. More of a spell-caster? Check out Star Shaman. There are literally 100s of games for every interest – sports, puzzles, horror survival, RPGs. It’s got it all.


Falling in love with VR as much as our Tech Expert? Shop the Oculus Quest 2 here or below.


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