Planning a new kitchen?

Find out how the experts plan kitchen layouts using the kitchen triangle as a guide.

16 Dec 2014

If you're planning a new kitchen, read on to find out how to create an efficient, well-thought-out cooking and living space.


The kitchen triangle - get the best from your kitchen's space

The most-used areas of your kitchen should be positioned close enough to each other for more efficient cooking and prep. The majority of your work in the kitchen is done between the sink, cooker and fridge. The kitchen triangle is the space inbetween, with one at each point, creating a workspace in the middle.

MICROCON_Kitchen _Triangle _2

Top tips for triangle planning

Keep the points of the triangle relatively close. Kitchen planners generally recommend that no leg of the triangle should be less than 1.2m or more than 2.7 m and that the sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 4.0 m and 7.9 m.

Do I need an island?

Want an open-plan kitchen that's as much of a living space as it is for cooking? A kitchen island is a good option.
An island offers the perfect place for:

•    the kids to do their homework
•    friends to sit with a glass of wine while you cook
•    an informal family meal

An island is the perfect addition to an L-shaped kitchen, giving you a third side. It can also improve the layout of a galley kitchen, provided you have enough space to place it opposite your units.

Integrated appliances - flexibility and style

Want a kitchen with the wow factor? Integrated appliances are built into your actual kitchen units. They give you:

•    a chic, streamlined look to your kitchen
•    more worktop space for prepping and cooking
•    an oven/microwave at working height for easy cooking

Induction hob = fast heat, easy to clean  

The hob transfers heat directly to the pan rather than the whole hob surface. Remove the pan and the heat stops. Say goodbye to stubborn, stuck-on food stains and enjoy boiling water twice as fast as a conventional hob. Check out the Neff induction hob.

Neff _hob

Pyrolytic oven = cleans itself so you don't have to

Say goodbye to the loathed chore of cleaning the oven with an integrated Pyrolytic oven.

The Pyrolytic system makes cleaning effortless. Simply switch the oven to the self-cleaning mode and get on with your day. Once it's finished, wipe away the ash and you're good to go.  We really like the integrated Zanussi Pyrolytic oven.

Zanussi Zop

Find out more about self-cleaning ovens

Integrated microwave - keep your worktops free of clutter

Tired of having an unsightly white box dominating your kitchen worktops? With an integrated microwave you can keep your worktops clear and uncluttered. An integrated microwave is built into your units for a stylish, minimalist look.

We really love th3 Neff Series 3 model, with its stainless steel finish and built-in grill.  

Neff _series3

Do I need a cooker hood?

If you have an integrated hob then yes, you will need a cooker hood. There are a few different types though:

Chimney cooker hood: A chimney cooker hood attaches to your kitchen wall and uses a powerful fan and chimney. We like the Elica Galaxy Chimney Hood, which passes air through carbon filters (bought separately) before re-circulating into your kitchen.

Elica _galaxy _hood

Island cooker hood: If you have your hob on a kitchen island you'll need an island cooker hood. These hang directly from the ceiling, and can be much more decorative. We really like th3 swish Elica Celestial hood - a glittering dome made from stainless steel and glass that will bring a touch of opulence to your kitchen (as well as keeping the air nice and fresh).

Elica _celestial _island _hood


It sounds obvious but you should put your dishwasher and sink next to each other. This will make the dishwasher easier to load you can rinse off your plates into the sink before loading. We love the Bosch Avantixx integrated model:

Bosch _avantixx

Fridge freezer

For convenience and lots of storage it's definitely worth considering building a side-by-side fridge freezer into your kitchen layout if you have the wall space. We like this elegant Samsung American style fridge freezer.

Samsung Rsa 1rtpn

See our full range of kitchen appliances

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