Road testing the Canon M50 MKII camera

Shoot captivating content with added mirrorless magic…

15 Oct 2021

From vlogging on YouTube to detailed macro nature photos, there are still plenty of reasons to treat yourself to a proper camera in the age of the smartphone.

Though smartphone camera quality is always improving, so are mirrorless cameras. While smartphones compensate with AI and software for what their camera hardware can’t do, mirrorless camera systems can point, shoot and record in a way that makes your content really stand out.

Because light passes through a mirrorless camera’s lens directly to the image sensor, you can see your photo as a live preview and get the shot right without any outtakes.

Even physically switching your lens to improve your zoom or add wide-angle photography to your repertoire, something we can’t do with our phones, can give fresh inspiration. Plus, you can fully explore your style and create art and content that’s uniquely you.

That’s why Canon’s EOS M50 MKII caught our eye. It combines everything you want in a real mirrorless camera with the connectivity you need to make subscriber-winning content.

Our store colleague, Ben, took the Canon M50 MKII out for the day to get a snapshot of its features, photo and footage skills:


We caught up with Ben after filming to get his final thoughts after testing out the Canon M50 MKII’s skills:

Hey Ben. What's your favourite thing about the Canon M50 MK II?

"I’d have to say the interchangeable lens is probably my favourite thing about the camera. It means if you’re interested in taking your set up further, you can easily expand your kit as you go."


Is there anything that you didn't expect the camera to be able to do?

"I assumed that the camera is only automatic, and while it does a great job with auto, you can actually take as much manual control as you like with Intelligent Auto. Again, that just means more creative freedom and versatility to the content you’re creating."


Who do you think the M50 MKII is best suited to?

"If you have a new-found passion for photography, vlogging or videography in general this camera is ideal. The different profiles and settings allow you to create without being held back by technical knowledge."


Have you got any tips for vloggers that want to add this camera to their setup?

"Play around with all of the features to figure out what’s best for your content and let what you enjoy inform the content you make!

Also, scale up your kit as you grow rather than investing loads early on. The M50 MKII is the perfect starting point and more than versatile enough to help you find your style."


Let’s sum up the features Ben tried out when he tested the Canon M50 MKII:


Pick your resolution

Dive into the camera’s video settings and you can choose which resolution you want to shoot in, all the way up to 4K 60fps. And if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can stream what you’re recording live, to all your followers. 


No more guess work

The Canon M50’s vari-angle touchscreen is made for getting the shot right first time.

It flips out to 180 degrees for an unmissable selfie op, but the fact it can rotate to almost any angle is seriously impressive. Top-down shots look much better, and you can cut the chore of deleting ‘trial and error’ photos from your editing process. Always a time-saver.


Let’s get some focus

The versatile M50 Mark II can both comfortably shoot close up portraits and track moving people on screen as you film. That’s because it has a powerful sensor combined with both eye and face autofocus. It recognises when a person moves into frame, making sure you don’t lose any detail.

Even as the person you’re photographing moves, their face stays in complete focus, making this camera a real contender for sports and in-motion photography.


All set?

Like what you see? The Canon M50 MKII is available to buy right now.  And if you’ve still got your own questions to ask, why not chat to one of our tech experts in-store or on ShopLive? They’d be happy to help you find the right gear, from mirrorless cameras to camera lenses.

Get vlogging with the Canon EOS M50 MKII

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