Router revolution with Belkin AC1200

The Belkin F9J1106uk AC1200 is the first of a new breed of routers designed to further enhance our online experience

11 Oct 2012

It's an average Friday night and the house is bustling: recipes are being browsed, games are being played and nights out planned. The internet is the glue holding together this hive of domestic activity and the router is what makes sure everything in your network communicates properly, so it's worth getting the right one.

You're well used to your teenagers hogging the weekend bandwidth, but an innovative new wireless AC modem router from Belkin means you'll be able to sort your banking or book those cinema tickets without hassle while they stream videos on their tablets and play online FIFA on their PS3s.

The first of a new breed of routers designed to further enhance our online experience, the Belkin F9J1106uk AC 1200 offers a taste of the future, forged in the white heat of technological revolution.

So what's all the fuss about?

With unparalleled Wi-Fi access, it offers a huge step-up from your standard router. Range goes above and beyond any previous models, meaning everyone can expect the same connection whether cuddled up with a film in bed or chilling with some online shopping on the living room sofa.

Whether you use the internet to shop, play games, stream YouTube videos or search for a new job, the new Belkin can bolster your experience with speeds 2.8 times as fast as N speed routers.

All this talk of N speed sounds daunting, but it's pretty simple really. Wireless-N devices were designed to help us enjoy streaming video and music at an acceptable speed - see, nothing scary about that! But just because the new Belkin is from the future it doesn't dismiss the past. It'll work in perfect harmony with existing N and G speed products while also ensuring you're up and running for future developments.

If you've heard your other half's despairing joypad cries you'll know there's nothing more frustrating than gaming sessions timing out as they approach the final mission on COD or come within seconds of beating their best mate on FIFA. And you know first-hand that buffering can really take the tension out of EastEnders latest dum-dum ending. The new Belkin aims to tackle such issues with clever technology prioritising gaming and video streaming.

Also, if yours is a house where some people are browsing with tablets and laptops and others with smartphones and PCs you'll welcome technology that allows users to connect via multiple wireless devices of varying speeds and capabilities without any impact on connection quality.

So when next Friday night rolls around pre-empt any connection commotion and fill your home with good karma with a wireless router that allows the whole family to be happily plugged in at once.

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