Samsung Evolution Kit: Make your old TV new

Enjoy the very latest in smart TV technology without having to actually purchase a new set with the Samsung Evolution Kit

20 May 2014

New TVs are launched every year and although you'd probably like the latest model, updating every spring could soon get expensive.

Now you have a way of enjoying the latest in TV technology without having to actually purchase a new set.

The Samsung Evolution Kit updates your existing TV with latest smart features and more - here's everything you need to know.

What is the Samsung Evolution Kit?

Samsung Evolution Kit 2014 1

(Credit: Samsung) 

The Samsung Evolution Kit is a small device that plugs into the back of your current Samsung smart TV. It runs the latest smart TV software and features on your TV - so it mirrors certain aspects of the latest models on sale.

What parts of your TV will it update?

With the Evolution Kit you can expect the following enhancements:

• Upgrade your 2012/13 Samsung TV to 2014 smart TV features
• Graphics processing unit and memory upgraded
• Quad-core processor - makes navigating your TVs menus and options and browsing the web faster
• Improved voice and motion control features
• Latest version of Smart Hub. This gives you access to apps such as Netflix, BBC News, YouTube, Facebook and much more from one page
• Smart Hub NewsON feature puts the best of local news and weather in one place
• It's also easy to install

Samsung Evolution Kit - what the experts think

Samsung Evolution Kit Side Angle 1

We love the Evolution Kit, but we thought we'd ask the experts to see whether they agreed too.

We spoke to Andy Clough, Editor in chief at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, and Tom Parsons, reviews editor at Stuff.

Andy said: "I think it's an excellent idea, as it allows people to upgrade and stops their TV becoming obsolete."

Tom added: "It simply means that older tellies can be upgraded with the latest processors and smart features, which should extend the life of your telly."

However, Tom did also point out that there are other devices on the market to upgrade your smart TV experience.

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