Samsung Galaxy S20 hands on

We had a look at four different S20s and found out about Space Zoom, Single Take and more

17 Feb 2020

The first thing you can't help noticing on the Samsung Galaxy S20s are the cameras. No matter which model you pick up and play with, all of the S20s have at least three rear cameras and a front camera. Take the S20 Plus 5G, for example. You get a Wide, Ultra Wide, Telephoto and DepthVision cameras just on the back.

If more megapixels are your thing, the Ultra 5G boasts a whopping 108MP camera! But how can you see all these cameras in all their glory? There’s a brilliant feature Single Take which really shows off the range of cameras and what they can do.


Single Take mode

Go into Single Take mode, take a picture and you’ll get prompted to move your phone around and try different angles. Wait a few seconds and you’re given a gallery of different pics taken using all of the different cameras. You’ll get everything from Wide to Ultra-Wide and from black and white still to Boomerang video. The AI will even pick out your best effort.

Not only is this great for pictures where there’s a lot going on (think weddings or family reunions) but it also presents you with a load of different social media ready options. Instagram Stories won’t know what hit it!


Space Zoom

This has to be one of the stand-out features of the S20s. Every model can give you a massive 30x zoom, but the Ultra comes packing a massive 100x Space Zoom. Zooming in that far could get disorientating, but this viewfinder in the corner keeps you on track.

All this means epic close ups with more brilliant clarity than ever before. While it’s perfectly possible to get a steady shot at 100x, you may want to use a tripod or make sure your phone is on a flat surface first.


Super smooth, high-quality video

Switch over to video and you might even give Hollywood movie makers a run for their money. Without knowing a thing about film making, you can shoot in 8K resolution at a huge 24FPS while keeping the action smooth – thanks to Super Steady 2.0 technology.


Beautiful screens to make content pop

But what’s the point of shooting glorious footage if you haven’t got the screen to match. And the Samsung S20 range doesn’t disappoint there either. Every model comes with its iconic edge-to-edge Infinity-O Display. So, whether you’re watching home movies or your favourite flicks, your S20 is like carrying around a mobile movie screen.

You can pick the size that feels right for you. The Galaxy S20 4G and S20 5G come with a 6.2-inch display, the S20 Plus 5G has a larger 6.7 inches, whereas the S20 Ultra 5G goes all the way to 6.9 inches.


Plenty of power and space

And you think that screen is just for films and photos? Think again. Gamers haven’t been forgotten either. It’s the combined chipset of the Exynos 990 processor plus all the RAM you could want to make games run like a dream. That goes up to as much as 16GB RAM on the S20 Ultra 5GB, if you go for the 512GB version. And speaking of storage, you can add storage with space for a micro SD card. So, there’s room for all the movies, pictures and games you want without compromise.


Are you 5G ready?

Don’t get caught out when 5G rolls out on a massive scale. If you’re excited for lightning fast 5G, you couldn’t be better equipped with one of these in your pocket. The S20 5G, S20 Plus 5G and S20 Ultra 5G are built with super-fast 5G.

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