Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything you need to know

One of the most anticipated phones of all time has landed – here’s the full story on the Samsung Galaxy S8…

29 Mar 2017

Headline information

The Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous phone – all elegant metal and glass and smooth, rounded edges with a screen that’s perfect for Netflix. There’s no separate ‘Edge’ model as both Galaxy S8 phones have screens that curve around the phones’ edges. 


There are 2 Galaxy S8 models. The S8 (5.8 inch screen) and larger S8+ (6.2 inch screen). The 2 Galaxy S8 phones are exactly the same apart from their screen sizes.


What’s new?  

  • Smaller but bigger: The S8 phones have bigger screens than the S7 models but are actually physically smaller 
  • Finding Home: there’s no physical Home button on the handset of the S8 
  • Instead there’s a pressure-sensitive virtual Home button embedded beneath the screen
  • Screen supports HDR video – cutting-edge TV tech for better colour and contrast
  • Bixby: The S8 gets its own Siri or Cortana-like virtual assistant called Bixby
  • Multitasking: Run 2 apps side by side on the newly designed screen


The perfect phone for Netflix and multitasking

The screen on the S8 looks incredible. With no Home button and an incredibly slim bezel, the screen takes up the vast majority of the phone’s face. The screen stretches closer to the top and bottom of the handset for a more immersive viewing experience. 

This is a great phone for streaming Netflix. Whatever you’re watching will look incredible too with pin-sharp Quad HD resolution (much better than your HD TV). The screen can even support HDR video – which offers brighter whites and colours and much more detail in shadowy scenes.

So you can see ‘the same vibrant colours and contrasts that the filmmakers intended’. Multitaskers will enjoy running 2 apps side by side on the 18.5:9 ratio screen so you can check your Instagram while watching Stranger Things.


The phone as a fashion accessory

If you see your phone as a fashion accessory then look no further – the Galaxy S8 is pure smartphone chic. With its near-frameless design and lack of a Home button, it’s a smooth, continuous surface – like a piece of jet or slate.

S8 and S8 +

Its metal and glass body is slim enough to hold in one hand. And the way the screen curves around the sides of the phone is an exercise in elegant design.

When you’re on the road, the Gorilla Glass adds an extra layer of toughness and you’re rainproof thanks to the IP68 waterproofing.


Cutting-edge cameras for Instagram addicts

Love posting photos to Instagram? Smartphone cameras get better and better and the Galaxy S7 was among the best. With the Galaxy S8, it gets even better: Samsung promises the ‘best low-light, zoom and anti-blur photos’.

Your photos will look sharper with more definition between dark and bright when shooting on the 12MP rear camera. While when taking selfies, the front-facing camera has been given faster autofocus capabilities.


Introducing Bixby

Virtual assistants are everywhere now – from Amazon and Alexa to Google Assistant and of course Siri. Samsung now has its own virtual assistant in the shape of Bixby. 

You can talk to Bixby to get stuff done: ask him questions, tell him to do things. Weather reports, to-do lists, messages. That sort of thing.

What’s clever is that it can mix voice commands and physical controls. So you can ask it to do something with your voice – pull up your diary for the day, say, and then use your fingers to delete or amend an entry.

And you can also ask follow-up questions – so if you ask about restaurants in an area you can then ask something about them being family friendly or different types of cuisine


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