Samsung unveils the S20 range

Get the specs, latest news and find out how to pre-order

12 Mar 2020

We’ve finally got our hands on the long-awaited Samsung S20 series, and there’s lots of exciting features to talk about. There are four models to pick from: the S20 4G, S20 5G, S20 Plus 5G and S20. But what’s the difference and which is right for you? We’ll guide you through the gamechanging S20s.

If you’re tempted to get yourself a brand new Samsung, why not order your Galaxy S20 now?

We put the S20s to the test!

Galaxy S20 cameras

All models have at least three rear cameras – including Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto - promising studio quality pics without owning a giant clunky camera. The S20 Ultra 5G leads the pack with a massive 108 MP Wide camera, a 12 MP Ultra Wide camera and a 40 MP Font camera – that means pretty serious selfies!


Out of this world Space Zoom

Zoom on mobile phones hasn’t always been very reliable. And when you’re trying to get a tight zoom, you can often get blurry, pixelated images. But not anymore. All S20 models offer an eye-popping 30x zoom with the S20 Ultra 5G boasting a massive 100x zoom. Is there life other planets? Maybe aim your phone at the night sky, zoom in and find out!


Make Hollywood movies with a pocket studio

The S20 range are a video maker’s dream. Shoot in glorious 8K resolution at a massive 24FPS, while Super Steady 2.0 tech keeps everything smooth and seamless. Handheld footage? You’d never know it.


Super screens deliver edge-to-edge action

And what’s the point of shooting beautiful footage without the best screen to watch it on? With an iconic edge-to-edge infinity-O display, you’ll get a premium screen regardless of which model you pick. The only choice you have to make is the size – the S20 has a generous 6.2-inch display, the S20 Plus measures in at 6.7 inches, whilst the Ultra 5G goes large with a massive 6.9 inches. Perfect to enjoy movies, gaming and shows wherever you go.


Powerful processor and masses of memory

Every S20 comes packed with an Exynos 990 powerhouse processor. Combine this with plenty of memory (with up to 16GB RAM on the S20 Ultra) and you’ve got a set up which is great for gaming and seamlessly switching between apps. So, whether, you’re a Fortnite fanatic or a multitasking maestro, your S20 has the power and performance to handle it all.

And you don’t need to be afraid of loading your S20 with your favourite games and apps either. The S20 comes with 128GB of storage right out of the box, and this can be ramped up all the way to 1TB with a microSD card.


Battery life to share

Don’t wait around all day for a full battery. Super Fast Charging fills you up in no time. The S20 comes with a big 4000 mAh, which goes up to 5000 mAh on the S20 Ultra 5G. What does this mean? Well, plenty of power to do all the things you love. And if you’re feeling generous, you can even place your phones back to back and share power with your mates.


Go faster with 5G

We can hardly wait for 5G – lightning fast downloads, no more buffering and seamless surfing. So when the 5G revolution hits, you want to be ready. That’s why you should pick the S20 5G, S20 Plus 5G and S20 Ultra 5G to get ahead of the curve. They’re 5G enabled and good to go!

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