Shoot VR video with Samsung’s Gear 360 camera

Create far-out 360 videos of your travels and parties and share on YouTube with the latest in 360 video and virtual reality from Samsung…

11 Jul 2017

Outdoorsy types, festival-goers and beach-loving travellers are among those using 360 cameras to bring their experiences to life for their viewers. These cameras capture video from all around you – all 360° of a scene rather than simply what’s happening directly in front of you.

The Samsung Gear 360 2017, newly redesigned for 2017, is one of the best 360 cameras around – easy and fun to use. And the Gear VR headset is a great way to watch back your footage. Find out the how and the why with our guide…


How does the Gear 360 2017 work?

Think of the camera like an eyeball that can look up and down and all around. It’s made up of two wide angle lenses that record up to 195 degrees each. The camera will then automatically stitch the two images together to bring you one spherical image.

If you want to get into the details, these are dual 8.4-megapixel fisheye lenses that support 15-megapixel images to create quality images and video even in low-light.

What is a megapixel? Images on screens are made of pixels – each one a tiny dot. And a megapixel is a million pixels.


What does it look like?

This advanced camera tech is wrapped in curvaceous white plastic, so on the outside it looks like a pocket-sized spaceman. It’s just 4 inches tall, and robust enough for life on the go – whether at a festival, skate-park or on holiday.Samsung Gear 360

Built for your Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7

The Gear 360 2017 is designed to work effortlessly with your smartphone, with the two connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Galaxy S8 and S7 (and their equivalent Edge models) are naturally compatible, and the iPhone is too – from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to the 6S and 6S Plus.

Simply turn on your camera and launch the Samsung Gear 360 app – which can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

The app is at the heart of the Gear 360 experience. From it you can connect and disconnect to Gear 360 2017, remotely shoot video and preview, view your 360 content and share your content across social media.


Live stream to YouTube

Facebook and YouTube have become the go-to destinations for 360 video content. You can upload videos to YouTube in a few simple steps, but there’s even more fun to be had with live streaming.

You can already live stream to YouTube and Facebook directly from your smartphone. But with the Gear 360 2017 connected wirelessly to your iPhone or Galaxy, you can live stream proper 360 videos too.

How to live stream 360 video to YouTube


Live stream in 4K with YouTube

What’s more, you can also stream your 360 videos to YouTube in 4K resolution from the Gear 360 2017.

‘4K streaming of 360 video ‘can truly transport you,’ says YouTube – imagine being at a mate’s gig and broadcasting it to the world in 4 times the detail of Full HD!

The Samsung Gear 360 2017 can capture footage in 4K resolution at up to 24fps (frames per second).


Want the best for your 360 video? Watch through a VR headset

For the best experience when watching 360 video you want a VR headset. This is because once wearing the headset, you’ll be placed at the centre of your virtual world.


Samsung Gear VR

Headsets like the Samsung Gear VR show 360 video from every angle to put you slap bang in the centre of the action with a wide 101° field of view. When watched this way, your 360 videos will look amazingSamsung Gear Headset

The Gear VR, with Oculus technology, even has YouTube VR built-in. but it doesn’t end there, with around 600 compatible apps there’s plenty to keep you busy. The headset has been redesigned to make it even more comfortable to wear and fun to use.

Getting the footage from the Gear 360 2017 to your virtual reality headset is super easy. First, set up the Gear VR in the Gear 360 app. Then open the app and tap the ‘View on Gear VR’ tab from the orange bar at the top of screen. Don your headset and away you go.

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