Should I buy a smart fridge?

They’re here. And they’re going to change your kitchen like you wouldn’t believe. Here’s how…

27 Jun 2019

Imagine: a fridge-freezer that lets you look inside from your phone. Stop imagining. The future is here.

Smart fridges are not only fun to use and super high-tech, they’re a real advantage for families. With all sorts of features and functions – such as smart screens – they’re here to make home life easier than ever.

Let’s take a look at a few ways smart fridges could make your life oh-so very easy…


Shop smart

Smart fridge-freezers come with video panels on the door that let you see inside – and many even connect with your phone!

Samsung Family Hub RS8000

For instance, check out the Samsung Family Hub RS8000, a Wi-Fi enabled smart fridge freezer that’s packed with clever tech.

It has 3 built-in cameras and a smart window, so you can see what’s inside your fridge or freezer without even opening the door.

With these cameras, you can…

  • Check whether you need milk while you’re at the supermarket, using an app on your smartphone
  • Tag food using the touchscreen, so you know when it has reached its use-by-date
  • Pull up recipes on the fridge’s touchscreen and create shopping liststo send to your smartphone


More energy-efficient than ever

Smart fridge-freezers contain tech that makes them more energy-efficient.

LG GSX960MCVZ american-style fridge freezer

Take the LG GSX960MCVZ (bit of a mouthful) – not only is it A+++ energy-ratedas standard, with its Instaview panel on the door, it can help reduce cold air loss and keep your running costs down.

How? Well, simply knock twice – knock, knock – and the Instaview panel will show you what’s inside, meaning you won’t have to open the fridge to get certain bits.

Better still, download LG’s Smart ThinQ app and your fridge will ping you if you’ve accidentally left the door open!You can even adjust the inside temperature using the app – handy when you want to make your groceries extra-cold on hot days.


Extra fridge or freezer space when you need it

Smart fridge freezers come with adjustable storage spaces that can be used as either a fridge or a freezer.

Samsung RF24R7201SR/EU fridge freezer

The Samsung RF24R7201SR/EU (another mouthful) comes with a ridiculously cool FlexZone.

With just the push of a button, this drawer switches from being a refrigerator to a freezer, and back again.

Stocked up on too much prosecco for the summer BBQ? Create a new refrigerated section to cram it all in. Cooked too much dinner? Put it onto freezer mode and open up more space to store your leftovers.

How’s this for an added bonus: you can even switch your FlexZone over using an appon your phone. So, if you’re on your way home from the shops, you can have your extra fridge or freezer space ready for when you get back.


Perfect, frost-free storage conditions

Smart fridge freezers can regulate their conditions and defrost themselves to ensure your food stays fresher for longer.

Bosch Serie 6 6KGN36AI35G fridge freezer

The VitaFresh Plus compartments in this Bosch Serie 6 6KGN36AI35G fridge freezer (who is naming these!?) automatically adjust temperature to ensure the perfect environment for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. This helps ensure your food stays fresher and richer in vitamins for up to twice as long.

You can manually adjust them too – great for when you want to get your orange juice extra chilled.

Better still, the unit automatically defrosts itself. That’s super-handy when you consider it comes with a convertible fridge and freezer zone, but also makes the whole thing much more energy-efficient.

You can even monitor the overall performance from an appon your smartphone.


Check out our range of smart fridges to find great features like these and many more



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