Sky Cinema: what does it mean for your TV?

Sky Movies has been renamed Sky Cinema. But it’s not just the name that’s different – HD movies get sharper and much more…

22 Jun 2016

When you try to switch to Sky Movies from July 2016 you’ll notice that it’s been replaced by another service – Sky Cinema.

But why has Sky changed the name? And what is Sky Cinema all about?

Well, it’ll bring sharper picture quality and a new film premiere every day. That’s just for starters though.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Cinema...

Sky Movies

Credit: Sky

What is it?

The replacement for Sky Movies – which has been delivering a slice of Hollywood to our living-room TVs for over 25 years.

Sky said it has built on this heritage to develop Sky Cinema, taking you ‘one step closer to the cinema experience’ at home.

The new service will launch on July 8th in the UK and Ireland.


Better sound and picture quality

Watching Sky Movies on a large-screen TV with a soundbar delivering stereo sound already brings the cinema to your living room.

But picture and sound quality are improved with Sky Cinema.

Everything is shown in high-definition (HD) with no need to upgrade to an HD channel.

It’s not just any old HD either. Detail will be greater thanks to extra pixels – increased by a third over regular HD. The number of colour shades is multiplied by 4 too. You can expect ‘sharper and more vibrant pictures,’ according to Sky. 

The improved picture quality comes from what Sky calls a new ‘internal master format’.

Along with the sharper pictures you’ll get better sound. Enjoy ‘louder bangs and quieter whispers’ without having to fiddle around with the remote.

How? Sky is taking the audio track ‘straight from the studios’.  

‘With Sky Cinema we are giving customers an even closer to the cinema experience with enhanced picture and sound quality,’ says Sky Cinema director Ian Lewis.  


Sony Pictures deal and 4K UHD

If you have a 4K TV then you’ll be able to enjoy Ultra HD (4K) movies on Sky Cinema by the end of 2016, says Sky. You’ll need a new Sky Q box too though.

Sony Pictures is one of the world’s most famous movie studios and as part of a new deal Sony movies will be first shown on Sky.

Sky will get Sony’s latest blockbusters ‘over a year ahead of any other subscription service’. Upcoming Sony films include Ghostbusters, Money Monster and Inferno.

The deal covers all new and future Sony releases, including any Ultra HD productions.

Family movie nights

Another day, another film premiere

Sky Movies has always been the first place to see the latest films on your TV.

But now it takes things further by promising to show a new film premiere every day. James Bond movie Spectre, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens are among the highlights over the coming weeks.

Movies that premiere will be exclusive to Sky Cinema for over a year before reaching any other subscription service. 

Star Wars fans can also enjoy the entire back catalogue with its Star Wars pop-up channel in August and September. There are plans for regular pop-up channels for things like Disney-Pixar and Superheroes too.

Sky Cinema will offer 75% more premieres than Sky Movies.

Even more on-demand movies

On-demand has changed the way we watch television – freeing us from the schedules to watch what we want when we want.

On-demand now accounts for 35% of all viewing, according to an Ericsson report.

And Sky was one of the first to make on-demand viewing available. All you had to do was connect your Sky+ HD box to your broadband.

With Sky Cinema, there will be 1,200 movies available on-demand – a rise of 20%.

But Sky On Demand is about more than just movies. You can watch boxsets, catch-up TV and more.


How can I get Sky Cinema?

If you already subscribe to Sky Movies you’ll get Sky Cinema and all its additional features at no extra cost.

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